Mine were action packed. As you probably already know, Sunday night while we were sleeping, the valve on our toilet broke and flooded our entire apartment while we slept. We had to move our entire apartment onto the patio so they could pull up all the carpet, remove the padding, and then put big dryer fans under the carpet for two days. Sunday night we stayed with my aunt at their house.
Monday, we came back, hung out on the patio for a while, and talked to management about the situation. We still don’t have the details solidified, but we’ll probably get a month’s rent or something.
The studio called me that morning about submitting a demo for another jingle (for which I will be paid). That afternoon I went by and picked up some samples of the type of thing they were looking for.
That night I went to a rehearsal for a play (the previously mentioned one where a guy I had met a few times had recommended me). The people were all very cool and fun. The play itself wasn’t necessarily my kind of thing (a lot of religious content about a guy who goes to jail and finds god), but work is work, and the people were all very cool. I knew it paid, but much to my surprise, it paid fairly well, even for my tiny part in it, and the fact that I will only be in one performance (the second one I can’t make, and there may be some more out of town touring performances in November for which I will be paid more).
After that, we went back to the apartment so I could get to work on the jingle, since I wasn’t sure how much time I would have in the next couple of days being that Tuesday was supposed to be the day the carpet got finished up, and Wednesday I’m going into the studio to record another cut for the album. I haphazardly set my computer up on the living room floor (where the carpet was rippling wildly from the fans), with the monitor stacked on top of it, the mouse on the monitor, and the keyboard on a chair. I whipped up a jingle by about 12:30 a.m. and emailed it off. It was not quite the quality I like to put out, but under the conditions, it was all I could do. Hopefully no one will hear all the carpet fans whirring behind all the vocals. No biggie anyway since my vocals will be replaced with a girl singer. We cleared off our bed, maneuvered around all the fans and dehumidifiers, and just roughed it sleeping in our own bed.
Tuesday, I got up, did some revisions to the jingle as per email, then just lazed around on the patio most of the day. I had a message on my cell phone from a girl saying they wanted me to come in and read for a part in some movie production. She told me to call the director back, but unfortunately did not leave a number. Through some detective work I determined who I thought it was, and left a message on his mobile phone. Haven’t heard back so I’m not sure if it was the right guy or not. Eventually the carpet guys came back, finished up the carpet and the shampooed it. This unfortunately left it kinda wet again (sigh), but in a purposeful way. We finally got our place back to normal and then went out to eat. When we were moving the couch back in I noticed 4 broken springs poking through the bottom, so I got some tools, and MacGyvered a fix using some little screw hook things. Woo! Go me!
Tomorrow I go into the studio as previously mentioned. In other good news, the car jingle I did with Craig and Spencer sold (doesn’t mean much to me personally as far as money goes, but it still bodes well). Hopefully more work to come from that venue too. Then of course, Thursday is M day! Mindi will be arriving for a visit! What fun she’ll have cramming into my truck with me and Jess and doing lots of cheap/free stuff! 😉 Hey, it’s all about the company, right?