Star Wars: The Super Mega VIP edition

More evidence that Lucas is losing more and more of his mind. Now let it be said that I think some of these changes actually sound cool to me (especially the removal of the scream, and the insertion of Ian McDiarmid), but on the other hand, just leave your classic movies alone! I’m sure he’ll release other future editions, and box sets once all the movies are out, and will probably make even more changes. I just hope he eventually will at least include the “original” versions in addition to his Frankensteined versions.
My personal wish: a box set of all 6 movies, including the altered and original version of the original trilogy. With all his tinkering, it wouldn’t surprise me if he accidentally edited himselg full circle and ended up with the original movies without even realizing it.
George: “Ummm, the power of myth and technological advancements have allowed me to further improve my movies to be what I originally conceived them to be in my very large cranium and, umm, ”
Reporter: “George, the movies are now back to exact original cuts”
George: “Umm, well umm classic mythical influences often have, uhh, circular themes which make irony an important ingredient in the m´┐Żnage-a-casserole that is creative vision…”
Reporter: *leaves George blathering on in the corner*


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  1. P@ says:

    It is a shame that George feels that he needs to constantly (re)edit his work. Although I can relate, to a bit, since I generally notice little words and phrases that could be slightly altered, but I’m too lazy to actually make the changes. Maybe if I had a gabillion dollars like Mr. Lucas, I would do the same.
    Oh well, May the Force be with you. [up]

  2. CosmicAvatar says:

    I would far rather Lucas had left the original movies as they are, bar perhaps those final scenes showing Coruscant and Bespin and the like in RotJ (hahaha – one letter off RotK whoops digression). It has aged so well it just doesn’t need those extra bits, which, if anything, make the film look more plastic. I particularly hate the way he replaced Sy Snootles’s song in RotJ with a CGI character and a completely different song! Yeck!
    But I will still get the trilogy on DVD ASAP in the absence of the original movies…

  3. Simon says:

    This is, of course, when George Lucas is just a head in a jar, Futurama stylee.

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