By request of Chainsaw…a new entry, albeit not satisfaction guaranteed.
So the Texas heat is starting to creep in as are many a summer plan! First off we’re going to see the new Matrix movie Friday night at 10:35. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend meaning I have a three day weekend, meaning we’re going to Austin! We plan on going to the Natural Bridge Caverns, and a drive through wildlife park, and possibly the zoo. Yes there will be rafs.
The weekend after that we’re going back to Austin for the first of our toobin trips. We’ll either go toobin down the Guadalupe or the Comal, we haven’t decided yet. Whichever one we don’t hit this time we will hit later on in the summer. Floating down the river on an inner-tube with a bunch of friends, and another tube just to hold the cooler of drinks/snacks. Woohoo!
We also plan on going to Schlitterbahn at some point. My friend Dave and I have already each won a pair of tickets off the radio as is our style.
If I’m not around much it’s because I’m in the beta test for Star Wars Galaxies. Due to the confidentiality agreement, I can say no more.