So we had our last day of filming on Friday night. It went well, and I’m excited to be done. Now onto editing. I think our movie will be lacking a bit in the visual/production areas, but I’m happy with the material and most of the performances (I really hate watching myself, which is a bad trait to have as an actor). Hopefully the humor will outshine the amateur look of the film due to lack of equipment, people and budget.
I read about how to get some great lighting for very little money. Unfortunately, this was a few days after we had finished shooting. More and more, I’m wondering if writing is really what I should do, mores than acting. Then again, feedback on my screenplay has been almost non-existent, which naturally makes me paranoid as I think that everyone just wants to avoid the subject so they don’t have to lie or else tell me how much they think it sucks, even though I genuinely want honest opinions. Oh well, I like it, and I’m really the only person who really has to live with it. I already have ideas for some more projects to film. Hopefully you’ll see some video content appearing on my website as I complete projects!