The weekend in Dallas, and a random shirt related tidbit

So the weekend in the big “D” was pretty cool. Thursday night we went and saw “A Mighty Wind” which was, as expected, damn good. Friday, we went geocaching, but had really bad luck. We only found one out of four caches we looked for. Saturday we went to downtown Dallas, and walked around the whole JFK area. We were going to go in the Sixth Floor Museum, but they wanted $10 a person, and I had already been there once. I really didn’t think it was anything all that great, and not really worth $10, especially since we were spending money on plenty of other things already. We proceeded to go on to the Dallas World Aquarium which was much cooler than any of us thought it would be. I was baffled by the strange admission prices (something like $11.85 for adults and $8.66 for seniors). I was much surprised that the first thing we saw upon entering the “aquarium” was an enclosed area with monkeys and birds and some other non aquatic animals. We were all enthralled by the adorable manatees. There were also river otters, tons of fish, jellyfish, a Japanese Spider crab, and a HUGE crocodile like something out a monster movie. Very cool time. We then proceeded to the Hard Rock Caf� where we ate and bought tickets to the show that night featuring Zebra. They had a few hits in the 80’s (“Tell Me What You Want”, “Who’s Behind The Door”), but have been quite a favorite band of mine for some time. I saw them once in Houston like 10-15 years ago and was thrilled when my friend Esteban just happened to hear on the radio that they were playing at the Hard Rock Caf� that night. It was very intimate and we were standing right at the stage, literally like 2 feet from Randy, the guitarist/singer. That’s the way to see a show, people. They absolutely rocked. If you ever get a chance to see them, do so. They are amazing. They actually have a new album coming out June 17 too, so go out and get it.
Sunday was Geocaching II: Revenge of the Cachers. We refused to be defeated. We actually found all three that we hadn’t found before. It was incredibly strange because we found out that on Friday my GPS unit had apparently been hundreds of feet off on all three, thus the reason we didn’t find them. Now normally GPS is only accurate to about twenty feet anyway, but I’ve never had it be that bad, much less consistently that bad. The unit would consistently point me to the same spot, it just happened that the spot was like 500 feet off. I’m still baffled. Maybe the government was re-calibrating the satellites that day or something, or perhaps a giant alien mother ship was deflecting the signals. Luckily on Sunday, it actually steered us true. There was much going out to eat (including being served by Groucho Marx at The Magic Time Machine), DVD watching, plus a trip to REI where I got some cool black Merrell Jungle Moccasins (or Comfy Slip-on Shoes� as I call them) and Jess got some cool water shoes in preparation for our tubing/water park trips we’ll be going on in a month or two. Plus it’s always fun just to hang out with friends. We also listened to a couple of Han Solo books on tape to pass the car trip, which was cool. Random fact #1: a married couple going out of town for 4 days will have a lot of luggage. We had 1 suitcase with all our clothes and such, our inflatable bed-in-a-bag, my bag of disc golf frisbees, 2 pillow and a blanket, my backpack, and a cooler bag with lots of water in it. Esteban seems to think this was excessive by his reaction to it, but honestly, we really weren’t excessive!
Random fact #2, inspired by Bettie: A few weeks ago a friend gave me some old clothes that didn’t fit him anymore. Among them was a Really Cool Shirt� which very quickly became my new favorite shirt. I wore it to work the following Friday, and wore it to one of my gigs a week or two later. Then we did laundry. Like a fool I didn’t look at the care instructions, and I washed and dried it, which I shouldn’t have because it was rayon. It shrunk up, a lot. It’s still wearable, but just doesn’t fit the same as it used to, and required much ironing before it was anything resembling wearable. The sleeves are way too short now, but since I wear it with the sleeves rolled up, that’s not too big a deal. It’s also not nearly as long as it was either, thus making it questionable as to whether I could tuck it in if I wanted to (which, again, I generally don’t), but still it just saddened me. My new favorite shirt, and I messed it up. Like I aid, it’s still wearable, but it just doesn’t “hang” on me like it used to. I’m heartbroken. I need to find a place that has cool shirts like this one. Finding cool clothes for men is difficult. Even more sadly I did the exact same thing to another shirt years ago. Same story too. Before the “accident” it just “hung” perfectly. Afterward, it was never quite the same. According to Jess and the rafs, I am a BeeGooBloo*. This entry will only reinforce that opinion I’m sure.
*giraffe language for “Big Girls Blouse**”.

**Someone flamboyant, camp, or glam, or exhibiting signs of these traits.


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  1. Jess says:

    I love you, BeeGooBloo, and all your shrunken shirtness.

  2. Mom(KathieAllyn) says:

    It seems I recall you used to raid my closet and swipe some of my BeeGooBloo.I’d go looking for one of them and not find it. Next I would see you wearing it.Makes you go HMMMMM. On another note…I’ve been playing the Ravenbalck game , but the real fun is on http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Ravenblack_Blood_Awakening/n It’s where people from the game go and roleplay. I’ve becaome a member of Hell’s Hoppity Hoppers(Batty’s Angels). We are not a clan…more like a gang.
    From: Heather Diamond [mailto:hdraven77@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Monday, April 21, 2003 3:50 PM
    To: Ravenblack-blood@yahoogroups.co.uk
    Subject: [Ravenblack-blood] HHH part I revision2 includes Unicorn
    The garbage can rattled and then fell over spilling debris all over the place. In fact everything was shaking. It was almost like an earthquake. It was then that I knew that the Hell�s Hoppity Hoppers were back in town. The vibrations from their vehicles of choice set the city on end every time they came. Even the humans get a bad feeling when they come around and humans aren�t very perceptive as of course you know.
    The leader of the group has a name that strikes fear in the hearts of vampires across the globe. Batty. His temper has been known to cause volcanoes to erupt and car alarms to go off, but his sense of humor has caused multitudes to laugh until they cry. His group is totally loyal to him (although they do disobey him occasionally as long as Batty is not endangered in the process). It is this extreme loyalty to Batty and to each other that makes them so dangerous. He is called the Instiller of Loyalty.
    Then there is Crow with a voice like an angel and a right hook like a wrecking ball. She is the dark omen of all dark omens. She wears red leather to cover the blood that she so loves to spill. She is fear incarnate. She took her name from a Native American legend. The crows are spirits of the dead who were killed unjustly. They come back to wreak havoc on their murderers and to avenge themselves. They stop at nothing to achieve their goals and neither does she. She is master of all weapons. She is called the Unforgiving One.
    Obsidian Butterfly is the next face to be seen. Hers is a face like that of Helen of Troy�s but she will have no man control her. Don�t be fooled by her delicate beauty. She is as vicious as she is beautiful. Death is the fate of all those who try to control her. Her fingernails aren�t long and painted red as a fashion statement. They are her weapon of choice and are sharper than most daggers. She is called Beautiful Death.
    Pandemona is another feared member. She defies even the head batman. She ripped from her sleeve his symbol but was not punished. Where she goes chaos follows. Those who come near her are often struck down because of fear (although most of the group has this effect on mortals weak immortals fall prey to her). She is called the Bringer of Chaos.
    Emerald of the Green Eyes. Her eyes are green flames that burn to the souls of those around her. She sees all truths. Just try and lie to her and it will be the last thing you do. If you are lucky she will only rip out your tongue. If you aren�t, may all the good spirits have mercy on your soul. She is called the Seer of Truth.
    Asta is a mysterious one. All that is known of her is her great appetites. The first is for human blood. The second is her sexual appetite. The third is for violence. She is a very efficient hunter for all her appetites. She is called the Scourge of Mankind.
    Midnightsong is a siren in the true sense. She lures her victims to her with a voice that flows like river water. The cadence is perfect and irresistible. Her hair cascades down her back to her knees. She does not need to resort to violence to get what she wants. Like the sirens of old men are lured to their deaths by her call. Just because she doesn�t have to use violence doesn�t mean that she doesn�t know how. Be careful for she is as deadly as the rest of the HHH. She is called the Death�s Sonata.
    Blackwings is a fallen angel of light. Her wings propel her stealthily over the city in search of prey. Her eyes glow red when she picks her prey. Her hair looks like a fire surrounding her head like a halo. Her sire and siblings have died so she is alone. Her weapon of choice is a long bow which she uses to pierce human hearts. She is named the Winged Arrow of Terror for this reason
    Kiryki Furukuri is a purple eyed vampyre. She is violent by nature and loves to play with her food. She wishes for a challenge and so handicaps herself when hunting humans. Still no human has been a match for her. Her weapon of choice is a long curved dagger. She is called the Storm of Torment by the one victim who survived long enough to report what he saw.
    Unicorn is the last member of the HHH (for now). She is by far the feistiest. She does have an innocence about her, but she can be just as vicious and crazy as any of the rest. She has no fear and does what she pleases. Her name is a proclamation of her innocence but also of her power. Like the mythic beast she has special powers all her own. The only known one is that she can trick you into thinking you are safe around her. Be warned you warned she is not. She would just as soon kill you as look at you. She was named Innocent Demon because of her friendly appearance.

  3. Chainsaw says:

    Wow, Heath, your mom is hardcore. 🙂

  4. Mom(KathieAllyn) says:

    You got that right Chainsaw. Heath made me that way. Mom aka Kathie aka Vampire Midnightsong/the Death Sonata.
    P.S. How many Mom’s do you know that sing in a rock band, sometimes playing oposite Heath’s band, and one time even dueling over a drummer?

  5. Chainsaw says:

    Awesome! 🙂 Pleased to meet you!

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