Who, by the way, I’ve always thought (and still think) is incredibly cool, intelligent, talented, intriguing, and beautiful if a bit self-destructive possibly.
Why is this one for Jenny? Because it’s about Oasis. Now I think I remember reading that she may have gotten over her whole Oasis thing, but mine is just starting.

When Oasis first got big, I never really took much notice. I thought they were O.K., but never paid much mind other than when they came on MTV or I heard some story about what utter moronic twats they were. I remember I quite liked “Champagne Supernova” when it came out but that was about the extent of my fandom.
When we were in the UK recently, there were several instances when I heard Oasis playing somewhere and took notice, thinking “Hey, I kinda dig that!” The moment of epiphany was when we were in The Sugarmill (a dance club) and at one point they played a song and projecting the video on the big video screen. The video totally captured me and the song lodged itself firmly in my brain as something I had to remember to seek out.
When I got home from our trip and decided to check it out, I remembered that the video was a sepia toned clip that started with “Oasis in…” some title I couldn’t remember. I also remembered that the star of the video seemed to be someone who was not in Oasis, but perhaps an actor that I might have vaguely recognized. I started listening to the Oasis catalog to get better acquainted with them and browsed through all the song titles to see if something jogged my memory. Nothing did. I then listened to a few seconds of every song in their catalog and still found that my mystery song was not in there. I was troubled.
After much Googling, and luckily remembering that I thought the word “idle” was in the title I found that this siren that had been calling to me was “The Importance of Being Idle” from their brand new album, thus why I hadn’t found it in their discography, since the one I was listening to did not include the new album, and the video starred Rhys Ifans.
Both the song and video have utterly captured me. It’s one of the best songs I’ve hear in a long time, and certainly my favorite Oasis song to date (although I’m only up to “Definitely Maybe” in my listening to their back catalog). The video is equally captivating. It just has a certain mood that resonates and fits the mood of the song perfectly. It’s really more of a very well done short film. I highly recommend them both to everyone, but beware you may find yourself putting it on repeat and unable to stop singing it for the rest of the day.