Wil Wheaton is cool

This isn’t really news, but it needs to be said. He came to the Alamo Drafthouse tonight to a showing of “Stand By Me”. Afterwards he did a Q & A, and signed books (Just A Geek). He was down to earth, charming, and just a cool guy who you want to hang out with. He had tons of great stories about the movie too. Check out his blog.

I took a picture of Jess with him, but sadly it came out completely blurry and unrecognizable. Boo.
More importantly, we have a present for our beloved Annika when we go to L.A. in December.


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  1. Starstruck!

    Please see the extended entry for a (sadly, very fuzzy and almost unrecognisable) picture of me and Wil Wheaton. (!) Meeting famous people is a bit strange, especially if the famous person in question is someone you had a crush…

  2. Annika says:

    There are no words for either my jealousy or my love for you.

  3. Dudemac says:

    That has to be the worst picture i have ever seen. You can not tell will wheaton from jess. But its nice that will wheaton wears colorful tops 🙂
    What happened to that nice camera?

  4. Heath Allyn says:

    That was the nice camera. Unfortunately, it was kind of dark and the camera gave me the yellow light instead of green indicating that it couldn’t focus correctly and we were rushed since there was a long line behind us. Doh!

  5. dudemac says:

    I guess that will happen. Maybe that could be a good idea for a movie short to film it totally out of focus. 🙂

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