Austin Tribute Band Community Awards

I have very mixed feelings about posting this (for many reasons too long to go into here), but I’ll try it once to possibly leverage my internet friends!

The Austin Tribute Band Community is having an awards competition. Go vote for me for “Best Multi-instrumentalist.”

As a sidequest, I was also involved in “Band On the Run” and “A Hard Day’s Night/Abbey Road at Haute Spot” for “Best One Off Show,” as well as The Eggmen being nominated in the “Hall of Fame” and Skyrocket (who I sub in with sometimes) nominated for “Best Cover band.”

My Yacht Z bandmates are also nominated (David Houston-Bass, Chris Nine-Keys, Matt Patterson-Drums).

David and Matt also play with Mock Lobster who are nominated in several categories.

Vote your heart but if your heart goes to me, those are my associations.

Here is the form to vote.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Heath Allyn for best multi-instrumentalist

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