heath allyn

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Heath Allyn

Height – 5’10”

Weight – 200 lbs

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Hazel

Film/TV – Commercial/Industrial – Voice Work – Theatre – Special Skills
2018 B. Iden Payne Outstanding Actor In A Comedy, Death Race Inferno
2014 Filmstock Colorado, Best Actor, Moving Day
RATS! Agent Clark (Supporting) Carl Fry, Maxwell Nalevansky
Don’t Tell Larry Cody (Supporting) Greg Porper, John Schimke
Coyote Woman Monkey (Supporting) Stefan Ruf
Wolfroy Eli (Day Player) Randall LaRue, DualTapeDeck
My Stretch of Texas Ground Nick (Day Player) Erich Kemp
Zero World Multiple (Principle) Alan Ray
Jack Rabbit Jack Rabbit (Lead) Dio Traverso
Obey The Sword Hank (Supporting) Ben Redic, Ballistic Blade Entertainment
Butterfly Todd (Lead) Jason Habel
Fair Game Billy (Lead) J.J. Pollack
Big Winners Smiley (Lead) Justin Perez
People With Issues Peter Simpson (Supporting) Dan Siegelstein
Bump In The Night James (Lead) Tim Serewicz
Terror Birds Dale (Supporting) Sean Cain
Austin Nights Craig (Lead) Dan Siegelstein
Let There Be Light Bill (Supporting) Andy Conner
Leftovers Dad (Lead) Steven Nelson
The Price Of A Free Lunch Rob (Lead) Matthew Robinson
Human Play Wheelchair Man (Supporting) Mathieu Ricordi
Operation Cupcake Fernando (Lead) Jason Outenreath
Herschel’s Profile Sam (Lead) Jason Habel
Moving Day Pete (Lead) Samuel Thomas, Louis Hunter
Mother’s Day Out Tom (Supporting) John Herndon
#R.I.P. Brent Jones (Supporting) Kevin Machate
The Longest Goodbye Dr. Stephens (Lead) Andy Young
Fernando The Grenade Vigilante Dick (Supporting) Sean Corbin
Heelers Glenn (Supporting) Emily Hahn
Project 23A Grayson (Lead) Jesse Scoble
Qubit Labs Host (Lead) Andrew King
The Guards Themselves Harold (Supporting) Kyle Sullivan
Scenes From an Interracial Marriage Fred Wiseman (Supporting) Ryan Darbonne
Cami and the Bear Patrick (Lead) Meg London-Boche and Hayley Muñoz, Forever Forever Productions
The Family That Hunts Together Mr. Fredrikson (Supporting) Erick Muñoz, El Ehemplo Productions
Forward Reverse Mike (Supporting) Ann Wilson, Little Woman Productions
Foam Fighters Chris (Lead) Bull Sanchez
Marvin Belhamy and His Religion Machine Alvin (Lead) Mark Blumberg
Broken Bonds Meth Head Mike (Supporting) Matt Patterson
Arcana Chris (Supporting) Erick Munoz
Jimmy & Ron Ron (Lead) Eric Rousseau
It All Happened Last Night Jaspar (Supporting) Alex McGinniss
Grim Darryl (Lead) Jackie Bryan
Mimicdalastrosia Lenny (Lead) Kris Snyder
Barlight Ryan (Lead) Keegan Curry
O.J. Twitchy (Lead) Alex Like
Lucky Penny Mr. Murphy (Supporting) Ebit Breazile
Undercover Alien Sheriff Tate (Lead) Richard Streibel, Looknow Productions
Peas of Innocence Stewart (Lead) Thomas Meek
Children of the Zombie Apocalypse Dad (Lead) Eric Rousseau
Igor Ferdzig (Lead) David Vass
The Appointment Sam (Lead) Nathan Taliferro
Chronophasia Devil (Lead) Miguel Gutierrez
Stolen Time Man (Lead) Travis Mauk
Crying Numbers Jimmy (Lead) Michael Stanger
A Man Chooses Andrew Ryan (Lead) Kyle Taylor
Virus Kevin (Lead) Gino Montoya, eRRatic Pictures
The Silent Treatment Bad Cop (Lead) David Bukstein
Book of Babylon Agent Martin (Supporting) Arik Avila, D7 Films
Friday Night Lights David Matheson (Day Player) NBC Universal
Yougan Dave (Lead) Hayley Denny
The Last Boxcar Ivan (Supporting) Tim Serewicz
Hank In Time Professor Bob (Supporting) Dave Tuck
Man of Empire Copeland (Lead) C.J. Woodring
Chicken Feet Father Tom (Supporting) A.J. Gutierrez
Memory David (Lead) Gino Montoya, Erratic Pictures
Stoner Don (Supporting) Michael Greene, Greenefilms
Aaron Frank (Supporting) Paul Bright, Silly Bunny Pictures
Falling In Like Man (Lead) John Jarzemsky
Temporal Overwrite Gabriel (Lead) David Tuck
Oh Happy Day Mike (Lead) Spencer Greenwood, Mufachi Studios
Grand Theft Auto Frankie (Lead) Chris Merchant
Drop It! Heath (Lead) Jentri Chancey, 2040 Productions
Zombabies Patrick (Supporting) Justin Warren
Sal Monella Sal (Lead) Cupcake Monkey Productions
The Ruse Ryan (Lead) Cupcake Monkey Productions
Deadly Obsession Robert (Lead) Shannon Richardson, Popcorn Productions
The Movie Musketeers (Weekly TV Segment) Co-Host (Principal) Austin Movie Show
Post Coital Cigarettes Phil (Lead) Drew Smith
Henchmen Colby (Supporting) Gil Austin, Persistent Vision Productions
Race Relations Adam (Supporting) Noel Wells
E-ruption Paul (Lead) Heath Allyn
Keep Austin Weird Pete (Lead) Heath Allyn
No Relief Vito (Supporting) Jesse Hill
Dead Stock Drake Manford (Supporting) Arnie Reyes, AJ Concepts
House Of The Generals Russian Tank Captain (Supporting) Dan Spigel, Ganya Productions
Austin Movie Show (weekly show) Repertory Player (Lead) Jegar Erickson
The Crypt Thomas (Supporting) Christian Deitering
Walker, Texas Ranger Mercenary (Day Player) Michael Preece, Michael Norris, Garry Brown, Columbia TriStar
Noom Carl (Peincipal) Jeff Gonick, Reverie
Haggerty Insurance Office Guy 2 (Principal) Matt Muir, Revelator
Immunizations PSA Band Dad(Principal) Mike Woolfe, Beef & Pie
Freshworks Alex (Principal) Ben Moody, Blue Goggles Businessman (Principal) Andrew King, Sparksight
State Farm – Guitar Guitar Player (Principal) Ryan Ebner
Giddy – Tool Talk Co-Host (Principal) Natalie Riggs, Giddy
Luminance Red Husband (Principal) Beaux Jackson, Velvet Cartel
CABC Dan The Drug Man (Principal) Andrew King, Sparksight
Q2 Businessman (Principal) Andrew King, Sparksight
HEB Mr. McCord (Principal)  
John Moore Services Husband (Principal) Oren Kaplan, The Famous Group
EP Energy Various (Principal) Beaux Jackson, Velvet Cartel
Dodge Country Major Deals (Principal) Chris Shea, The Auto Ad Agency
Holt Cat Employee (Principal) Steve Huedepohl
Whole Foods/365 Stylist (Principal) Aaron Brown, Onion Creek Productions
Grande Communications Husband (Principal) Stephen Mick, UPG Video Dad (Principal) Scott Rice, Two Shot West
FMI Manager Ted (Principal) Alchemy Systems
Miracle Whip (SAG Nat’l) Green Team Fan (Principal) Martin Werner, Reset Productions
Toyota Zombie (Principal) Michael Downing, Epoch Films
CPS Energy Lord Simmons (Principal) Mike Woolf, Beef & Pie Productions
Texas Lottery – 10X Mega Money Dancer (Principal) Trish Sie
Insogna & Stewart CPAs Spokesperson (Principal) Scott Edwards, Edwards Media
Sonic “Move Back” Customer (Principal) Jonathan David, Public Domain
Compass Learning (Video series) Various (Principal) Compass Learning
Hewlett Packard (IDVSE) Proliant (Principal) Rachel Butler, Somnio
Blood Center Man in Elevator (Principal) Rebel Rebel Productions
Surplus Warehouse Singer (Principal) Rio Bravo Pictures
U.S. Army (SAG Nat’l) Boom Op (Principal) McCann-Erickson
Post Oak Mall (4 holiday spots) Janitor (Principal) KBTX
Agency Management Services Employee (Principal) AMS
Nokia College Student (Principal) Nokia
Voice Work
The Frostwoven Crown (Audiobook) Narrator (Principal) Andrew Hunter
Strange Fantasy Show Multiple (Principal) Travis Scarbro, Ash Scarbro
Music’s Greatest Mysteries (TV Series) Narrator (Principal) Chip Rives, Dio Traverso
Songreaver (Audiobook) Narrator (Principal) Andrew Hunter
Stripes Announcer (Principal) Digital Domain
EP Energy Narrator (Principal) Chris Shea, The Auto Ad Agency
The Hungering Flame (Audiobook) Narrator (Principal) Andrew Hunter
The Necromancer’s Nephew (Audiobook) Narrator (Principal) Andrew Hunter
Share Wars Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Motti, Wuher (Principal) Emergent Order
FMI Manager Ted (Principal) Alchemy Systems
Pirate101 (VG) Multiple voices KingsIsle Entertainment
Wizard101 (VG) Multiple voices KingsIsle Entertainment
The Sandwich Shop Announcer Nos402 Productions
Platinum Ink Tattoo Announcer Nos402 Productions
Gatti’s Announcer Ampersand Agency
Compass Learning (Video Series) Various Compass Learning
Austin Movie Show (weekly show) All voiceovers AMS
Sanitation Department Jackie Stewart KBTX
Santa Fe Bar And Grill Louis Armstrong KBTX
Arby’s All voices KTSR
Texas Lotto Announcer KTSR
Floppy Joe’s All voices KTSR
Bonnie & Clyde: A Musical Comedy Ted Hinton (Lead) John Cecil, Texas Comedies
Cyrano De Bergerac Ragueneau (Supporting) Jennifer Davis, The Archive Theater
SXSWestworld (Immersive Activation) Mr. Wilson, Delos QA, Understudy/Swing (Supporting) David Wally, HBO
Red Scare Agent Dixon (Supporting) John Cecil, Texas Comedies
Death Race Inferno Magnifico (Lead) La Fenice
Prohibition: The Musical Schmidt (Supporting) John Cecil, Texas Comedies
Little Shop of Horrors Orin Scrivello D.D.S., Wino, Ms. Luce (Supporting) Matthew Burnett, The City Theatre
100 Heartbreaks Mark Larson (Lead) Jess Hutchinson
Cyrano De Bergerac Le Comte De Guiche (Lead) Jeff Hinkle, The City Theatre
Macbeth Banquo, Old Siward (Supporting) Kevin Gates, The City Theatre
Manson: The Musical Charles Manson (Lead) Tom Booker, The Institution Theater
The Sparrow of Roma Pantalone Couldflower (Supporting) La Fenice
The Tempest Sebastian (Supporting) Athena Peters, The Barons Men
A Comedy of Errors Duke Solinus (Supporting) Jamie Cooley, The Barons Men
A Christmas Carol Bob Cratchit (Supporting) Athena Peters, The Athenian Players
Noises Off Frederick Fellowes (Lead) Robert Wenck, Stagecenter
Social Security David (Lead) Dave Kelton, Stagecenter
No Sex, Please, We’re British Brian Runnicles (Lead) Robert Wenck, Stagecenter
The Adventures Of Pecos Bill Pecos Bill (Lead) Donnie Wilson, ‘magination Station
Caught In The Villain’s Web Cyril Bothingwell (Lead) Julie Haight, Stagecenter
For Her Che-ilds Sake Gaylord Duckworth
Wanda Daisa, Stagecenter
Smoke On The Mountain Uncle Stanley (Lead) Robert Wenck, Aggie Players
Through The Storybook Big Bad Wolf (Lead) Judi Blanke, ‘magination Station
Cinderella Prince Charming (Lead) Judi Blanke, ‘magination Station
The Law West Of The Pecos Johnny Loco (Lead) Delphia Manning, Stagecenter
Guy of Guisborne Texas Renaissance Festival David Casey, TRF
Finn Renard (village spy) Texas Renaissance Festival David Casey, TRF
Corn Vendor Texas Renaissance Festival David Casey, TRF
Special Skills
Accents, impressions, improvising, stage combat, hosting, guitar, singing, piano, bass guitar, drums, harmonica, mandolin, Ukulele, composing, writing, directing, producing, valid U.S. passport, clean driving record.


Personable, versatile, responsible, enthusiastic, creative, passionate, fun, satisfaction guaranteed, no assembly required, batteries included, consult your physician.