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Sine Wave

Acting can be cruel
But also so rewarding
Must have confidence

Acting as a confidence builder?

Most people talk about how brutal acting is because you encounter more rejection than anything else. I’m in the unusual situation of actually having build my confidence in my abilities since, so far,about 95% of my auditions have resulted in me being cast and I also have people just outright calling me and asking me to be in their films without even auditioning sometimes. I realize this will like all get worse as I get further into my career but at the moment, it’s pretty sweet.

Real Rock Band

Not a game this time
Playing in my real rock band
Rock our asses off

Rare public band gig on December 1!

I realize that most of you can’t make it to College Station on December first but for anyone who can or who wants to join the convoy heading from Austin to College Station that day, my band which usually plays all private functions is having a public gig at Hullabaloos. It’s going to be a huge blast of a party where we get to pull out all the stops and play all our best stuff. Come join us!

You know what’s really annoying?

Roommates who have really loud sex. All the time. I really don’t want to disrupt our otherwise great living situation but I’m about to my breaking point. It’s just gone beyond comical into ludicrous, annoying, overbearing and inconsiderate.

Listen all y’all..

I know my blog has been completely Rock Band-centric lately but it’s what’s going on!
You haven’t truly experienced Rock Band until you’ve played with Jess singing “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys. Awesome.

More Rock Band Banter

This game’s awesomeness can not be overstated. Jess, Staci and I spent most of today going through the tour mode. Then when you’re done playing you can spend forever choosing from the many awesome costume options, tattoo art, designing your band logo and more. Now if only our replacement guitar would hurry its way here so we could stop being handicapped on guitar. Best game ever. However, I don’t see how any human is supposed to play “Won’t Get Fooled Again” on drums on expert. It’s positively insane.

Rock Band Interruptus!

Today our guitar controller started acting up. Up strums work but down strums only mostly work. Every now and then they just decide not to work. Though this made things very difficult, it did not stop us from playing. Hopefully EA will be quick in issuing us a replacement.

Sound isolation

Today Larry and I paid a visit to our downstairs neighbor to do some sound tests. We found that if we put our “Rock Band” drum set on a blanket, that greatly isolated the noise. We could not, however, find any good way to keep jess’s music on her computer from being annoyingly loud in the downstairs bedroom.
I’m investigating trying to find some sound absorbing materials to put the drum set on and to put our stereo speakers on (which we run the TV through).

Rock Band

Rock Band is awesome
Hard to play quietly though
Damn downstairs neighbor