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Indiana Jones and The Movie Musketeers

The Movie Musketeers tackle Indy 4!


The Brazil Nut Dance
Finally as it should be
An instant classic

The Brazil Nut Dance, as it was meant to be

When Larry and I made “The Brazil Nut Dance“, we had always envisioned it a certain way but at the time were unable to finish it the way we wanted. Well now my knowledge has grown and it finally exists as it was conceived in our minds.

Get Rich! (Webisodes)

A while back I was involved in making a series of webisodes called “Gettin Rich”. They’re sort of infomercial parodies. Well now you can check ’em out!

Gettin Rich: Roadkill

Gettin Rich: Deportation

I feel somehow special

I got a random email from my band’s website telling me that I might be interested to know about an Ebay auction. This auction happens to be for a cassette of a band I was in in the ’80s. For some reason that felt pretty cool.
On another random tangent, in the past two days I had a total of 4 projects premiere that I was involved in. One was a 20 minute Sci-Fi piece that turned out really cool, one was a three camera studio shoot of a scene from “North By Northwest”, one was a small role in a short about an evil garden gnome, and one was a fake trailer for “B21”, a parody of the movie “21” with Kevin Spacey as the teacher who get MIT students together to go to Vegas and count cards and make lots of money. In our, I played the Kevin Spacey teaching Austin Community College students to “count balls” at bingo parlors. It turned out pretty damn funny. Even the opening cracked me up: “From the film makers who watched the trailer for the movie ’21’…”

For Sale

Shadows of the past
For sale on the internet
Makes you feel special