The show is over
Time to shed the facial hair
I can grow it back

To shave or not to shave, that is the question!

To keep it or shave it
I find it hard to decide
You decide for me

Carbon Tone

Carbon/Graphite Tone
Don’t be stuck on traditions
Follow your own muse


Heavenly milkshake
I am a better person
Fatter but better

Geek Rock

Geek rocking goodness
Obscure double entendre
How much will you get?


Some good from the pain
Healing creativity
Hope for the future


I don’t want to wait
I want to drink it right now
Now I can do that

Out of Many, One

Do you envy him?
Do you scoff at his sorrow?
What’s behind the tears?


Damn downstairs neighbor
Can’t stand us playing Rock Band
Must find a new home


Two gigs in one day
Voices, puppets and parties
Doing what I love