Don’t be an ass-hat
Such verbal diarrhea
Just keep your mouth shut

Butch Walker

Stay true to yourself
Leave those behind you don’t need
Some will always stay

The Black Hole

Disney’s The Black Hole
Still mostly enjoyable
But man, that ending

Barton Creek Square

The mall successor
Just as many memories
A different era

Highland Mall

Rest in peace, old friend
Live on in our memories
You were a good mall

Middle Earth: Austin

Middle Earth Austin
Mapping places to races
Orcs on Slaughter Lane


How to define friend
It can mean different things
Do you have any?

April Fools

You are not funny
You are simply a liar
No brains or wit there


Expand your limits
Push past your own comfort zone
Put in the hard work

The Hobbit

Poor little hobbit
Lost your way in the movies
At least there’s the book