Edgar Allan Poe
So fond of the word “bosom”
Synonyms are fun

Dream 25

Adventure fast food
Brian’s errant orange throw
Relationship talks

Dream 24

Nostalgic dreaming
The times we were together
Visiting spirit

Until Later, Dad

This journey is done
And a new one has begun
Rest peacefully, dad

Live Your Dash

Between birth and death
How you live between the two
Maximize your dash


Envision the bad
Or recognize all the good
Don’t live life in fear


Don’t be an ass-hat
Such verbal diarrhea
Just keep your mouth shut

Butch Walker

Stay true to yourself
Leave those behind you don’t need
Some will always stay

The Black Hole

Disney’s The Black Hole
Still mostly enjoyable
But man, that ending

Barton Creek Square

The mall successor
Just as many memories
A different era