Life As I Know It

Off to Dallas for a long weekend!

So the wife and I are off to Dallas for a four day weekend. We’ll be staying with our friend, Esteban, and testing out our new self inflating air mattress thingy. Tonight we’re going to see “A Mighty Wind“, which somehow I have managed to NOT hear about until Soupy mentioned it in her blog. How this managed to elude me is a mystery and quite disturbing to me. I’m usually quite “in the know” and on top of all entertainment type news. Being that I’m a huge Spinal Tap fan, and a Christopher Guest fan I’m really quite baffled by my lack of knowledge! We also plan on playing some disc golf and finding some geocaches, and much more! Should be a good fun weekend. Being that we’re all immense geeks, we will of course have plenty of computers and net access at our disposal, so we won’t be totally out of touch or anything. 😉
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Damn you food!

So I’m quite losing the battle to get fit. Food just tempts me so, while exercise seems to have disappeared. I really want to get in shape and yet I refuse to make myself miserable while doing it so I try to at least strike a happy balance, and try to eat healthy at least half the time but yet not deny my cravings. I’m seriously considering trying to workout at lunch or when I get home from work. While it’s not as effective as working out in the mornings, it’s still an improvement. Ahh, food, why can I not resist your luscious temptation. What sucks is that I cant resist the cravings, but then I feel guilty about it afterward because I REALLY want to get in good shape. It’s a never ending battle.
This entry is extremely boring, but I’m making a concerted effort to try and write something every day. Sometimes that obviously doesn’t happen. Sometimes you get boring stuff like this.

Off for the weekend in Austin!

Delle left me a comment, and therefore her request for a new entry shall be granted. Now you must realize that I hardly ever get any comments at all and therefore assume that there is very little stalking going on, which then leads to lack of updates because the enthusiasm to update wanes greatly when you think no one is reading your drivel anyway. So for Delle, a haiku:
Everyone loves Delle
Blue fluffy inner children
She loves a giraffe
We’re off for a weekend in Austin filled with gigs, studio recording (both of which are detailed in a previous entry), gamecubing, and a movie at The Alamo Drafthouse, that cool movie house where you can order food and drinks. It rules. If the weather is right we might try and fly our cool new kite that I bought. It’s a big dragon with a 6 foot wingspan and the wind goes in his mouth and inflates his body so it’s a full 3D kite. We may also watch my limited edition “Memento” DVD with commentary, or the option where you can watch the movie in chronological order. All in all, looks to be a fun weekend!

So how was your weekend?

Mine was pretty damn good! We went to Austin on Friday, and spent the weekend with my cousin. There was much video game playing and eating. However the reason for the trip was to make some musical appearances on Monday. As many of you may know, I’ve been playing with Craig Davis, a musician out of Austin. Monday morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am (an hour which just shouldn’t even exist, honestly), to go perform on the Fox-7 morning show. It was quite cool being in a TV studio watching them do the live show and preparing for our appearance. We did 2 little 15 second teasers as they went to commercial, then performed one full song. We then played about 30 seconds at the end of the show too. It was quite a cool experience indeed. That night we did a 4 song set at a club where there they were doing an open mic night combined with featured artists (which we were one of the 3). I think we blew the roof off the joint. up until that point it had been a very folky, coffee house type vibe with performers to match. We got up and did some rockin’ pop songs with strong harmonies. It was quite a contrast, but we were very well received and it took me a while to actually get out of the place since I was stopped by someone every 10 feet to tell us we were great. I also had many inquiries as to my kick ass new guitar which stunned several people since it looks like an electric guitar but yet was producing perfect acoustic guitar sounds. All in all it was a cool weekend, and I think things with Craig are really starting to get rolling. I’m going back in 2 weeks for another set at the same club during “South by Southwest” a HUGE music festival that takes place annually in Austin. Check out some clips of Craig’s music on

So, hey, how are you all doin?

I realize that I am extremely erratic at blogging, and that because of this the tiny group of people who may occasionally grace me with their presence here, probably get tired of not having new content, and thus quit coming here at all. This entry probably won’t help because it’s just random ramblings. Well, hey, look at the title of this page. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉
I feel like I am naturally a very distant person, I have decided. With this whole, WD, internet friends/community thing, etc., I feel very much like a distant observer. Take my wife for instance (well don’t TAKE her, but you know…), I feel like people genuinely like her, miss her, want to see her, be friends with her, etc. I always feel like I’m kind of a fringe or periphery entity. Most people generally like me, or think I’m ok, or when I’m mentioned they think “Yeah, he’s pretty cool”, but I don’t feel like most people have or desire a connection of any real depth with me. People don’t generally “wish I was there” when I’m not. I basically feel like I’m slightly on the positive side of “neither here nor there” for the vast majority of people who are aware of my existence. Although I am very self conscious and worried that people think I’m creepy or make them uncomfortable sometimes, even though I’m usually pretty sure that’s just my own mind being goofy.
I think part of this distance is self perpetuating, because since I always generally doubt that someone likes me (in all instances not just internet related ones), I kind of create my own distance too because I really don’t want to bother people. I realized today that I’m much more comfortable with e-mail than with chat IM programs because when you send an e-mail, that person can reply at their leisure or not as they choose, while when I IM someone I always feel like I’ve put them on the spot.
This brings to me to a related tangent. I can’t remember if I’ve bitched about it before in this medium, but never the less I’m going to bitch about it anyway. Many times throughout the years I have made many efforts to find old friends or people who used to be a part of my life in some way. Old high school friends and such. I get in touch with them, and there’s the usual exchange of “Oh wow!”s and greetings, and then almost without fail that person makes no real effort to stay in touch. They’ll respond to my emails (usually) but never really make any effort of their own, thus contributing to the ongoing neurosis my life, the “I always like people much more than they like me” syndrome. It’s such a let down because I’m always so absolutely thrilled to be back in touch with these people. I’m someone who values my friendships dearly, and while I never really have tons of close friends (usually I have tons of acquaintances, with a handful of really close friends), I treasure my relationships dearly. Everyone I’ve ever met or known is at least partially responsible for shaping me into who I am today, and I’m always so thrilled to rekindle old friendships, but then it always leads to that inevitable crestfallen moment when you realize that apparently the other party must not have been nearly as thrilled as you were. Perhaps I’m just a nostalgic romantic dreamer at heart, (ok, well not perhaps, pretty definitely), but it never fails to leave me with that feeling that a little bit of the starry eyed magic of my youth has died. Like I’ve lost some of my kindred to the listless zombie like template of “growing up”, while I remain one of the last champions of the child-at-heart, anything’s-possible, keep-hope-alive, fairytale-dreamers faction. If anyone needs me I’ll be staring off into the sky, soaking up the energy to combat the weariness and continue fighting for the cause and fending off the weight of the world. Hmm, reminds me of a song… “You can’t take the sky from me…” heh heh. 😉

“Alternative” Thanksgivings and the Changing Seasons of Life

So first off, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was nice. My uncle and cousin came up for Thanksgiving day (and getting my cousin to actually come visit is a miracle itself), and since no one really wanted to make a big fuss and spend eons preparing stuff, we ordered food from The Black-Eyed Pea. Much easier, and still good. Then on Friday, my cousin, my wife and I all piled in my little truck (very cramped indeed) and headed to Austin for Thanksgiving 2.0 with my aunt who couldn’t come up with my uncle because my other cousin had just had her wisdom teeth out and was having a really hard time. We decided that since none of us were all that crazy about “traditional” Thanksgiving food, that next year we wanted to have a totally non-traditional Thanksgiving with pasta or something like that. On a random note, we also went to the Alamo Draft House, this kick ass movie theatre that has every other row of seats replaced with a long table, and you can order food and drinks and such while you watch the movie. Very cool idea.
As I was laying with Jess on our makeshift bed on the floor of my cousin’s guest room, I suddenly had a strange thought. Now first you must understand that my cousin and I are like brothers. We grew up spending most of our school holidays, and summer breaks, etc. together. Whenever we get together, it’s always just pure fun and decadence. Junk food, all night video game sessions, and generally just hanging out and laughing and being incredibly silly. All my life, even into our adulthood, whenever I would visit I would make a little sleeping area on the floor of my cousin’s room, and whenever we did finally go to bed at some extremely late hour, we would usually lie in our respective beds and continue talking and being silly for a bit until we started to fall asleep. I realized that this will rarely if ever happen again. Now don’t get me wrong, as I told Jess, it’s not regret or longing that I feel. I’m much happier going to sleep with my arms around my wife, but never the less, there is a sort of wistfulness when you realize that something has forever changed. This isn’t the first time this has happened of course since things are constantly changing and most people will encounter these little episodes many times throughout life. Like “sleepovers” with your best friends. My friend Andy used to spend the night at my house as often as we could get away with when we were kids, and we would stay up all night playing games, walking to the convenience store to buy soft drinks and candy and such. At some point that just naturally changed (most likely when we could actually drive ourselves and therefore would just go home at the end of a night’s fun).
And so a new era has begun. An exciting, happy new era with my wife. A wife who happily takes part in silliness, and video games, and hanging out with my cousin. It’s even more fun with the three of us now. I suppose more than anything, I hope that my cousin doesn’t wax nostalgic like I do, because he has the raw end of the deal. I get to go to bed with my beautiful wife, while he just loses those times when he and I would lay there in the dark being silly until sleep took us. Who knows, maybe he’s celebrating that he now has that much less time that he has to put up with me. I guess the whole point is that even when things change for the better, you sometimes still get a bit wistful as you look behind you and watch memories fade into the sunset of your mind.

Mawidge…mawidge is what bwings us togewer today

I now have a wife. Cool, eh? We got married at 11:40 am on November 9 2002 at Texas Renaissance Festival. It was quite wonderful, and I don’t really know what to say about it. It was a long, but great day. There were so many people there which was fantastic, and yet I wanted to spend time with them all which proved impossible. Being that this was the first nice weekend in about a month, the festival was PACKED! We quickly found it was nearly impossible to try and keep more than about 5-7 people together at any one time. After the wedding we immediately bought Jess some comfortable shoes since hers were rubbing blisters on her feet. We spent the rest of the day mostly looking for people or resting because we were so damn tired. We wanted to peruse shops and such but were just too tired. We’ll have to go back some other day when we’re NOT getting married. There were tons of people taking pics of us. We felt like stars posing for the paparazzi. As the pics roll I will update the “Photos” link above with links to all the pics. It all seemed to happen very quickly and the whole day is quite a blur. We are happy to be married and yet a bit shocked that we really don’t feel any different at all. Jess is now off to spend the week with her family seeing some sights around Texas, and unfortunately, I can’t go because I have no vacation time left, and work won’t let me use my sick days, plus a few other stupid work things that piss me off. Oh well, we plan on going somewhere together for the 4 day thanksgiving holiday. the biggest thing is getting used to calling her my wife…heheeeeeeeeeeeee
I have a wife.

Ruminations on my last day of bachelorhood

I highly recommend getting married. It’s a win/win situation. First of all you get to have a day that’s all about you and your loved one, where everyone gathers and celebrates your love. You get to tell the whole world how much you love each other and experience the happiness of knowing that you’re both entering into a new life together. Then on top of all your happiness and excitement, people give you stuff. Money, presents, congratulations, etc. I feel almost guilty. Almost.
This week has actually been very pleasant (albeit very busy). We’ve spent lots of time with the family, who have all been very pleasant, jovial, and pretty much conflict free as far as I’ve seen. We have been out to eat every night to different places, and just generally had a good time spending time all together. I got my thigh high leather renaissance boots in and they actually fit this time. My hair is bleached practically white, and although it seems on the brink of death it looks fabulous if I do say so myself. The new band we’ve formed with Craig Davis out of Austin (more on that at in a separate my next post) seems to have some good opportunities popping up for us, the most exciting prospect being possibly playing the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Chicago at the end of March.
But most importantly, Jess is as beautiful and wonderful as ever, and will be my wife tomorrow at 11:30 am. Everyday we grow closer and life gets better. We integrated our CD collections. That’s love.
Life is beautiful, and I love you all.

The Wedding is Nigh!

I shall be marrying the most incredible and beautiful woman on the planet on November 9, 11:30 am, at The Texas Renaissance Festival in an english garden area named “Titania’s Bower”. Everyone is invited.

Labor Day Weekend!

Well I’m off for a nice 3 day weekend, since Labor Day is monday, and ironically you don’t have to go to work on Labor day. Shouldn’t it be “No Labor Day”?;) I’m going to Dallas to hang out with my good bud, Esteban. We’re going to see Mitch Hedberg, a hilarious comedian. I’ve seen him twice before in clubs and many times on TV. He’s been on David Letterman, and had a Comedy Central special, etc. Damn funny guy. Saturday a bunch of us are going to Six Flags (a theme park with rollercoasters and all that). We have a ton of free tickets. Dudemac and I are ALWAYS winning stuff from the local radio station. So much so that people are beginning to think we are some kind of radio mafia. I used to work there as a DJ too, and know many of the local radio folk, so sometimes I do use my “connections”. Sunday I hope to go find some geocaches. At some point we’re going to take my Star Wars DVD’s to our friends house to enjoy his 63″ television and Dolby 5.1 surround sound (no, the original Star Wars trilogy is not actually out on DVD, but again…I have connections and ingenius geeky friends.[grin] However I don’t consider this piracy, since I have bought numerous copies of the various edition and will damn sure be buying the official DVD’s whenever Lucas finally decides to release them).
So everyone have a fun safe weekend and labor on! Woooooooooooooooo!
*Heath parties until unconscious*