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New video and pondering twit-face-space-tube-buzz

So first off I’ve posted a new video:
Performing “If I Fell” by The Beatles.

Secondly, I find myself in a dilemma that can only come about in this age of twit-face-space-tube-buzz. I have my website here, my twitter account (which syncs with google Buzz and my Facebook status), my personal Facebook page and my Facebook music page. Each of these 4 mediums has some crossover people from the others and some people who are only on one of them. So if I post something like this on all the various sources, some people get spammed but if I only post it in one place then some people may never see it. For example, I first posted this on my Facebook Musician page which means that everyone who is a “fan” will see it. Then I twittered it. Some of the same people would see it there while some would only see it on one of those two places. My Twitter automatically updates my Google Buzz and the status on my personal Facebook page, which has a lot of the same people from my Music page and/or Twitter. Then I posted it here. Now this not will automatically be imported by Facebook.

So conceivably, some people could see this video link up to 6 times if they follow me on Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook (where they will see my status and imported note), on my Facebook musician page and on my website (or newsfeed if that’s how you keep up with my website), while others may only see it once and would have missed it had I not posted it everywhere. Oy! At least I never bother with MySpace any more.


Well now, I guess I should use my new website

Now that I’ve redesigned my website I guess I should once again start putting some content on it! As I’ve said earlier, Twitter has pretty much taken over what this blog used to do. Obviously, sometimes you want to say more than 140 characters but when I became an active Tweeter (and my Twitter updates automatically update my Facebook status too), my blogging pretty much went extinct. Maybe this new new shiny desin will encourage me to blog more in depth here.

2009 was probably the hardest, most tumultuous year of my entire life thus far. My marriage of 6 years dissolved after which I had another very intense relationship which also didn’t work out. I find myself now doing a lot of internal work in my ongoing lifelong quest to always become a better person. Still lots of wounds to heal and mourning to do. Lots of thinking, pondering trying to figure out the “right” way to live and relate to others, “right” of course, being completely subjective and individual. Searching for the path to my own growth and happiness. I feel very heavy, like there’s a lot of weight on my soul at the moment but I also do my best to remain positive and always keep perspective. Every night I try to let my final thought be of gratitude for all that I have and how wonderful my life is, even at the worst of times. Just like working out your body, your mind, emotional health and soul need to be worked out and strengthened too. Accepting our own flaws while working out those muscles to become stronger in the power of our minds and thoughts. I still fail, many times on a daily basis in many ways, but that’s O.K. And you have to accept that it’s O.K. Life is a journey and we are always growing and changing but the fact is, everything that’s every happened in my life, every person I’ve ever met, every experience good or bad, it’s all led to who I am today and I wouldn’t change that for anything.


Let my website readers’ voices be heard! (if there’s any left after all this time)

The new design as you see it is a fixed size.
Advantages: the layout is exactly the same no matter what size screen or resolution you use.
Disadvantages: Is your resolution is too low you will get scroll bars (although I really don’t think anyone runs below 1024×768 these days) and if you have a really high resolution on a big screen then it will only take up the middle of your screen.

I could instead make it “floating” meaning it would fill up the entire width of your screen.
Advantages: Adjusts to fill any screen at any resolution.
Disadvantages: On larger screeens/resolutions it’s more fatiguing to read all the way from left to right and then jump back and find the beginning of the next line on the left. It can also make a weebsite look “sparse” by making everything look like it’s only a few lines long. Of course, you could always adjust your browser window to whatever size is comfy for you but I just doubt that many people do this. Maybe I’m wrong.

Issue #2: Haiku
On my old website, the Haiku were on their own separate blog. Meaning you could peruse old posts here without seeing the Haiku and they wouldn’t show up in your feed (unless you specifically subscribed to their feed) or on facebook.

Now for technical reasons, I’ve made them part of the same blog but a separate category meaning that they will show up in your news feed (if you use a newsreader such as Google Reader) and will import to Facebook.

Do any of you have a preference?


Hope you have your hard hat!

My website (www.heathallyn.com for those of you reading this on Facebook) has just undergone a drastic transformation much like Doctor Who does from time to time. It will be “under construction” for quite some time while I fill out the pages and then try to go back and fix all the broken links that will now litter my past entries. Just a word of warning!


I Love Momentum When It’s Not The Kind That Keeps Me Sitting On My Ass Doing Nothing

Last week: performed and filmed “North By Nortwest” scene.
This week-
Tue: 6 videos for Compass Learning
Wed: Voiceovers for Compass
Thu: 4 videos for Compass
Fri: 4 auditions
Sat: shooting on the feature “Hank In Time”
Sun: film “Catch Me If You Can” scene.
Additionally, “Whispers In The Night” and “Violet” filming in the next two months, band gigs, murder mystery shows, a scene from “Eyes Wide Shut” and who knows what else! I’m actually having to start passing up projects due to already being booked. Not to mention going to Yoga regularly (3-5 times a week). Nice start to the year.


A collection of links (mostly cool Beatles stuff, with one random interloper)

Between Twitter and Facebook it seems my poor old webpage here is growing cobwebs from neglect.
So in lieu of any real kind of entry I present a collection of cool links:
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band broken down into the 4 isolated master tracks
In a similar vein, a BBC special all about “The 5th Beatle”, Sir George Martin wherein they analyze several Beatles master tapes. Haven’t listened to it yet, but am looking forward to doing so with great anticipation! This is a link to a BitTorrent file so you’ll need a program such as uTorrent to download it.
An expensive but AWESOME book I just ordered all about recording the Beatles in great detail.
And in non-Beatles related news: gloves that keep your hands warm AND let you still use your iPhone or iPod touch!


Separated at Birth? I wish!

I have been going through a period lately where I have been highly obsessed with the band “Muse”. They are definitely among my favorite all time bands now. Their sound is unique and instantly recognizable. Their style, textured, layered, huge and theatrical (mostly, but with some variety too). The songwriting and musicianship, amazing.
So imagine my surprise and joy when my friend Karla told me that her son Coleman had said that I reminded him of Matt Bellamy (lead singer, guitarist and songwriter). Coleman has actually seen me play with my band so he has something there to go on. Now, while I don’t think we’re twins or anything, this is one comparison that I could actually see having at least some merit (there are several I’ve had throughout my life that I just can’t really understand or see myself). I could see some similarities. Further discussions with various folk and thinking about this myself drew comparisons between our foreheads, and in my opinion certain aspects of our profile. Our stage presence could also be compared, I think. So I decided to throw together a quick comparison pic. It is by no means perfect or conclusive, but being that I threw it together in a couple of minutes with little effort and the few pictures at hand and off the net, I think it lends some credence to this theory.

Continue reading…


My periodic projectile blogging

I tend to go for long periods without blogging (especially since I twitter so much now) and as time goes on and more and more things accumulate it becomes more daunting to try and write about it all to play catch up. So inevitably I end up with a post like this that just spills out a dense summary of my recent life.
First, as most of you probably already know, Jess and I split up a while back now. She moved out and is moving to Seattle this week for a great opportunity with her job. There’s no big drama, no bombshells to drop or anything like that. It’s all very cool and amicable, just a case of us not being right for each other. I’ve been incredibly public in the past about my entire life including relationships but there was a point when I started playing things closer to the chest and keeping some elements of my life a little more private. Still, I’m pretty much an open book so no need to walk on eggshells or anything. I’m fine. In fact all in all my life is pretty great. Which leads me to…
Now with that news out of the way, the next development in my life is that I’ve met someone. After Jess and I split up, I got to talking tosomeone on Facebook that I’d actually gone to school with up through 9th grade. Being that my 20th high School reunion is coming up, a bunch of us have been reconnecting on Facebook. I never really knew her in school. I knew who she was (her name is Tina for future reference) but we weren’t actual friends or anything. I don’t think we ever even actually met or spoke to each other but we knew a lot of the same people and as it turns out grew up less than a mile or two from each other and went to a lot of the same places frequently. The more we’ve talked the more we’re can’t believe that we never managed to really know each other back then. At the moment, it’s a long distance relationship (though we have met in person and will be seeing each other again in July) but still amazing and totally fulfilling.
As most of you know I live my life very publicly. If you read my blog/twitter/facebook then I think it’s pretty easy to get a good idea of who I really am and what I’m really like. Apparently Tina had found me very intriguing from the moment she added me as a friend. Of course, at the time I was also married so she didn’t really pursue that line of thought. Quite often there are fun comment threads on her page involving lots of cool folks. I started participating and leaving more comments and such and once she found out I was available, we started some pretty heavy flirting. Facebook comments led to messages, texts and then phone conversations. We very quickly realized there was some serious and rare chemistry between us. We had a LOT in common and yet just enough differences to make us interesting and have areas in which we could enrich and educate each other. And she’s hot. Seriously, like Kelvin scale hot. She makes the sun sweat. Part of me wants to just go on and on about it here and part of me wants to not say too much as it’s still new and sort of special and precious to me. Suffice to say we formed a fast, intense, deep bond for a lot of different reasons.
Next up in all the news that’s fit to print: Lars and I filmed three scenes from the feature film we’re trying to get funding for “Brimstone Orphans”. We wanted to film some samples to submit for various grants and to use for further fundraising purposes. It was by far he most ambitious and most professional thing we’ve ever done. We had an awesome crew of about 25 people who were all immensely talented and more than that, were genuinely excited and enthusiastic about the project and being a part of it. Thanks to many generous donations of time, equipment and materials, we shot for about $2500 what should have cost more like $10,000 or more. We picked three scenes from the script that we thought showed the various tones and atmospheres of the story and that would make a good sample of what we wanted to do with the full feature.
Life has been very turbulent, wonderful and magical for me for a long time now. As I’ve said before, there’s something in the air lately. I believe big things are just over the horizon. Even though life can be full of vertiginous highs and heart-wrenching lows, I am incredibly lucky and happy to be who I am. Who wants to live a life of mediocrity in the middle anyway?


A cover of Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer”

A couple of times over the past week or two, “Boys of Summer” has come up on my iPod or on the radio. I’ve always like the song but these recent listenings really struck me with the idea that I thought it would make a really cool, slow, haunting acoustic version.
And so, here ya go.


Musings from the moon and me

I took a long walk late tonight, as I do on many a night, pondering life’s little mysteries and journeys. It was beautiful night. A great temperature, if a little bit on the humid side. There was a big round moon lighting my way and keeping me company, surrounded by a slight caused by the light cloud cover. A cool breeze was blowing in that way that makes it feel just perfect across your face. I searched through myself looking to discover just what it was I wanted at that very moment. What was my core desire at this particular and unique point of existence in time?
And I discovered that one of the strongest desires that came to the surface was this: I wanted to know that everyone I cared about, everyone I knew really, hell everyone who deserves it (I’ll let you decide for yourself what criteria define that)…I wanted to know that everyone was happy and good. That throughout whatever else might be going on in your lives, I hope you are as happy, fulfilled, loved and lucky as I am.
As I crested the top of the hill in my neighborhood, I could see my city beyond the treetops. I love my city. I love the people in it. I love all of you. Tears came to my eyes and I smiled. I smiled knowing that this is my time. Something is in the air. I can’t explain it. I hope it’s your time too.