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Greetings heroes!

I’ve been quite lax with the updating lately. Partially because I’m a lazy bastard and partially because we’ve been firmly entrenched playing “City of Heroes” a new super hero online game. Very much fun.
There are so many hero ideas I’ve had that I want to try. Currently I’m playing this hero. It all started when I was trying to figure out how I could possibly use my online pseudonym, Nos402. It seemed like a strange “name” for a hero. Mostly because of the numbers. I joked that I’d be some kind of vampire robot, and Jess loved the idea. I then concocted a back-story, which actually made that feasible. I was quite happy with it and my character rocks. Much, much fun. If any of you join up, seek us out on the Virtue server! Jess is playing The Grr.
It’s consuming much of our time. Several other of our friends are playing and we joined a “supergroup” with some cool people.
Other than that, jobs suck, life is alright, and everone should eat more queso.


City Of Heroes

If anyone is playing the new MMORPG, City Of Heroes, Jess and I (plus some friends) are on the Virtue server. Get in touch with me!



If you hate seeing this country slowly turning into George Orwell’s “Big Brother”, I highly encourage you to go to www.StopFCC.com and register. At the bottom of the page they now have a link to an ACLU page where you can fill in a form to send a fax to your senators. It even has pre-filled in text if you can’t be bothered to work up your own. I added the following paragraph just to add my own personal input.

People have a choice. A choice to change the channel, or turn off the radio or TV. People should continue to have the choice of whether or not they watch or listen. Don’t take this choice away from those who want it, merely to please those who do not want it. Just as forcing people to watch something they find offensive is wrong, so is eliminating the choice so as to please those people. If I find chocolate ice cream offensive, I can choose not to eat it. I do not think that the correct course of action is to ban chocolate ice cream across the world.

It’s so easy, that there’s really no excuse. Believe me, I’m one of the laziest people around, and I found it effortless. Support free speech and all that. Don’t let the government make your choices for you. Grrr.


Wake up and smell the Texan

So I’m quite distraught. Apparently, I sound like a Texan. Annika commented after watching our film that I sounded Texan. Someone in New York who I was speaking to at work made the same comment. I’m bummed. I don’t want to sound Texan.
I had always been quite happy that everyone in Texas always thinks that I’m from somewhere else, and are surprised to learn I am a native Texan. I always attributed this to the fact that I had always been into doing other accents, and I figured all those years of doing other accents had skewed my own into a more northern or more neutral accent. Many times I find myself slipping toward a more New York area type accent, although just ever so subtly. I guess my accent is so slight that Texans can’t hear it, but anyone else can. I’ll have to work on that…


Happy Easter!

For today is the day that Jesus hid chocolate eggs from the Romans which really pissed them off ans thus they crucified him in a bunny suit for added humiliation.
Or something like that.


Wanna see our movie?

“Keep Austin Weird”
It’s in Quicktime format. I tried to minimize the file size (it’s about 42MB) so obviously there are some compromises in quality, but hopefully it’s good enough to get the idea across. This also includes our gag reel and bonus footage, including an alternate ending scene in which we had one actor play two parts using split screen. We’re hoping to actually throw together a DVD just for posterity, which will actually have a commentary track (not that anyone but me would really care about that…lol).
For some smaller options (which also don’t have the bonus material on the end) you can view it in quicktime or mpeg formats.


My Sharon Osbourne show is on today.

So my experience as a Production Assistant for the Sharon Osbourne show was a blast, but would be pretty boring to write about. Basically, 3 people who do a lot of the “field” segments for the show came to Austin to do a remote from the American Cancer Society call center. They hired me, another P.A., a sound guy and a satellite truck here locally. Describing P.A. work is difficult, as you do so many different things. Basically whatever is needed. A sampling of my duties that day: improvise some door stops, take care of the snacks and drinks brought by the crew (it was a tiny crew, so there was no catering, just snacks and then we ordered dinner), and my most important duty was pulling the cables behind the cameraman to keep them out from under his feet.
Everyone was very cool to hang out with, and for the most part it was all casual and laid back. We rehearsed how it was all going to go, and then later in the evening recorded the piece “live to tape”. In other words it wasn’t actually live, but it went live to tape so that it was basically just like a live spot (although they could edit it in post if they really needed to). Sharon was talking to the to women who were on camera for the ACS through their earpieces and then what we were filming was being piped back to the studio in L.A. We had a few hectic moments when they thought they’d lost the sound board back in L.A., but figured out the problem, and then 5 minutes before we were going live, one of the lights blew out, and the cameraman and sound tech raced like a ninja pit crew to replace the light.
Twas a blast and only made me yearn for more work like that. Work that I actually enjoy doing. Nice work if you can get it! The show airs today (or tonight, times vary according to your market).


So this is fairly cool…

As part of my Production Assistant pursuits, I had placed my name in the Texas Production Manual. I got a call from L.A. last night saying they had looked me up in the manual, and wanted to know if I was available to do a one day P.A. job for the Sharon Osbourne show which was shooting a remote in Austin.
Pretty cool.


Irons in fires and such.

I have many irons in many fires. Hopefully some will pan out.
First off, I went to the voice audition for the “Fist of the North Star” anime film. I read one part of a secondary character where I got to use a fairly normal voice, which was nice. Then I read a big muscular villain with a set of metal claws, for which I used my big, burly, deep, tear my throat up voice. That was fun. I got be the typical cocky villain with lines like “So I see you practice martial arts!” and “No one can defeat me!” and such. I then get into a fight with the main character and had to make fighty grunting noises, and eventually the other guy puts his finger on my forehead to which I retort “You think you can kill me with one finger? Absurd! Hahahahaha *gurgle*” at which point I begin to bubble, twist, and my head explodes, so I got to spend about 20 seconds just screaming and gurgling horribly. It was cool.
Still waiting to hear on the video game tech support job with NCSoft where my friend Andy works. I’m really hoping for that one.
Also had a call about a possible 12 month contract job doing PC and networking support which sounded better than my current call center job.
I also submitted both my crew and acting resumes for the new Mike Judge film, “3001” to start shooting here in April. Damn that would be cool. Of course I would have to quit my job, but for that opportunity, I think I would have to.
Thinks are back on track for the CD, so hopefully we’ll finish that up soon.
Many opportunities, however my job prevents many of them, which is obviously going to continue to be a problem. We’ll see how that all ends up. Sooner or later I must choose my muse over the man, but hopefully I can fend her off until Jess has a better job, or until some really good opportunity comes along that I can’t resist. Life is complicated and stuff.