Doors opening and closing all around me!

So I called the PA job and told them I couldn’t do it. Then I called Jess to say hi, and while I was on the phone, I got a call to come and audition for an anime voice over job.
I thought I had blogged about this before but I can’t seem to see it anywhere. A couple of weeks ago I saw an audition notice looking for people who could sound like seven foot tall, muscle-bound road warriors of the wasteland for an anime project. I worked on my best rough, gruff road warrior voice, and initially decided that I couldn’t do it because any voice I came up with would shred my vocal chords after about 5 minutes. In fact, just practicing it trying to get a voice down was pretty trying on my throat. I figured it just wasn’t right for me so I would pass on this project. Then I thought, ahhh screw it, I’ll try and get in the door then I’ll worry about long term shredding of my voice. So I followed the instructions, called the number and left a message in my best big mean rough, deep road warrior voice.
I’m going in to the studio to audition on Thursday (and I’m still waiting to hear about the video game tech support job too).


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  1. Annika says:

    Damn it! I wrote out a nice long comment and Explorer froze.
    What I said, paraphrased: I’m really sad that you were not able to accept the PA job. It sounded like it would have made you quite happy, though I can certainly understand that $500 might not be enough incentive to quit your regular job.
    BUT! When a door closes, a window opens. I have always liked that saying and it seems to fit perfectly here. Best of luck with the voice-over audition!

  2. Delle says:

    I really hope some (or all if we want to be especially optimistic) of these pan out for you. You and Jess deserve all things good in your lives.
    Now, the next thing that turns up should be the perfect opportunity for Jess to get out of micromanaged retail. Like a publisher for that novel of hers.

  3. Simon says:

    That would be excellent. You’ll have to tell us what series you’re working on, when you get it, of course.
    That’s right, I said “when”!

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