So my latest entry on the Austin Metroblog has apparently been dugg. If you don’t really know what that means, don’t feel bad. Mostly it means some people have thought the story was worth sharing and while others post their witty, insightful, literate criticism of the piece. The troll comments are so amusing, I’d like to take them and use them as quotes like books and movies do.
“d00dzorz,. that;z u3er 1aMe!” – Trolly McTrollkin, New York Times
“This guysis like suzh a nerdburger that he should like totally marry the comic book guy from teh Simsons” – Noah Socialskills, Mom’s basement
You have to expect that kind of thing any time anything is put on the Internet for mass consumption. All in all, I find it pretty cool that someone “dugg” me and many people seem to have appreciated the post.