Whine in the key of D minor

So I’ve been going through another phase of intense life restlessness and all that. I’ve whined about it before so I’ll save it for now. Firstly, as some of you may know, I had interviewed twice at a video game company for a great job being in-game support. The interview went really well, I thought. Last week it was announced that the Austin office will be closing. This is a double whammy in that a) there goes my freakin job opportunity, and b) the market will now be flooded with video game industry people looking for jobs, thus greatly decreasing my chances of getting on with the other company I really wanted to work for.
I really want to start pursuing voice acting some more, so I tweaked my character voice demo. Feel free to listen and critique it here.
I may send out a bunch of my radio voice demos too, and see if I can’t get on with a radio station again (I was a DJ for a couple of years). I have no job satisfaction right now, and worse, it has completely sapped all my time and energy to do things I want to do (of which there are too many; acting, music, writing, directing, etc). Life makes me want to scream ARGH! or some other such exclamation. Feel free to suggest your favorite.
In other news, we have no social life. We’re like prisoners of our apartment. No one ever calls us to do anything, and about the only social interaction we get is the rare occasions when we manage to get a hold of my cousin and book some time before someone else does, or when my friend Andy actually stays in town for the weekend (which is pretty much never), and we can’t seem to crack the barrier to being included in anyone else’s activities. Thank goodness I have my wife to keep me from going totally insane.
Now scroll back up and go critique my character voice demo.


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  1. Annika says:

    I hear you on the social life thing. That may sound terribly nasty of me, since I sort of have one, but if it weren’t for our friends calling us, we’d never see or talk to anyone.
    You know what? That’s nothing like your situation. I am just talking about me, me, me.
    I wish Austin wasn’t so far away from LA. Will and I are just crazy about you guys.
    My favorite expression of frustration varies based on the situation, but I have found “Damn it” to be a good catch-all.

  2. Heath says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to have to go to L.A. whether I want to or not. It seems like most of my pursuits would be better served there. This recent bout of voice acting inspiration has only brought this matter back to my mind, since I have a feeling most professional voice actors live there.

  3. Annika says:

    I’m trying to convince Will to try voice acting. Unfortunately, I think you’re right about most voice-overs being done here. Fortunately, we have an inflato-bed that is very comfy. (That is an invitation, by the way.)

  4. dudemac says:

    Well if you were still here you could be hanging out with us, but noooo you had to move away 🙂
    Hey if you decide to move to L.A. let me know ahead of time my lil’ bro is out there and about as fused with LA culture as you can get. He might know of apartments and stuff.
    But as for jobs he is having trouble finding a perm. job, however he is way more particular than you are 🙂
    Too bad about company going down, hope it looks better soon.

  5. Min says:

    Maybe you SHOULD move to LA. I know nothing of such things, but I imagine that you would have more opportunities and perhaps less frustration?

  6. Mom/Kathie says:

    You and Jess both sound depressed.I should know because I am the same way(even though I am on Prozac).My rent will be paid through April, and then I don’t know what I am going to do. I have two babies I am keeping and that covers the bills(minus rent) but the end of April is loomimg and I am in denial about it.
    I applied at Decision One where Lesli works, but never heard back from them and at places like the University Daycare Center , you have to have a degree in Child Developement or you are just part time with NO benefits which is worse than where I am now.
    I thought about somewhere like Walmart or Hastings, but after lifting Mom so much, my back starts hurting after only a few minutes of standing.
    I hate to get dressed and leave the house, but I’m trying to make myself do it.
    On Friday nights about 6:30, Anne and I have started meeting at the Deluxe Burger Bar(Used to be the Handyburger where we went to lunch everyday when we were in High School). We are trying to get other old friends and familly to join us, but so far it’s been Anne, Gary ,Edna ,and me.
    Anne invited me out to the Ranch today for dinner. Her niece Karyn and family will be there.I would really rather stay home alone but I’m going to make myself go. I usually am happy that I did. It’s just the anticipation of going that I don’t like.People keep telling me…”you need to get out of the house”but I really like to be alone after so many years.
    I guess it’s hard for me because one of my biggest fears is “change” or better put..”fear of the unknown”. I’m going to try and force myself to get out more. Maybe you should too.If you don’t have anyone invite you out…you invite them.
    I’m rambling now.”Kathie…go to Anne’s…NOW…OK”

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