Who is this guy?

I’ve been growing a full beard for the play, and so last night before the performance, I trimmied it into a popular configuration for the time. I’ve never worn my beard this way before, so it’s quite a shock for me to look in the mirror now. I was going to shave as soon as the show is over, but I may keep this beard for a few days because it amuses me. I think I have a Spinal Tap “Derek Smalls” vibe happening.


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  1. Annika says:

    Excellent! I really like it. It’s funny and handsome!
    (By the way, I am having a problem with your comments not remembering me again.)

  2. Eileen says:

    Nice, but I think I prefer the full beard.

  3. Simon says:

    It looks weird to me. Like there’s something missing. O’course, I’ve never been around anyone that has that kind of beard, so it would look weird. To me.

  4. CosmicAvatar says:

    Those are scary extended sideburns, dude. I think I prefer you with a goatee, myself…but it looks very periodical. Yes.

  5. oslowe says:

    fucking awesome… as soon as I get the funding together for my stage adaptation of Love & a .45, you and I will be shoo-ins for the Jace Alexander & Jeffrey Coombs roles as Creepy Cody ‘n Dinosaur Bob.

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