Amazing free home recording program: Reaper

If you’ve been wanting to turn your home PC into a recording studio, but don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on expensive program,s I highly suggest checking out Reaper. This program is currently in development and completely free. Its capabilities are absolutely amazing and can very much give extremely expensive commercial programs a run for their money. In fact in some ways, and depending on your personal needs, it may be better than some of the big fish. Don’t be fooled by its plain appearance. It may look a bit primitive, but really that’s a good thing. You’re not wasting precious CPU cycles on shiny pretty graphics and bells and whistles. Instead all your computer power can go into important things like processing audio. While the UI may not be the sleekest looking thing, it’s certainly functional and easily does everything you need to do.
Though it is technically “in development”, there are extremely frequent updates, and it is a solid program, not some buggy beta. With this one free program, you can have more recording power in your PC than The Beatles had during their entire career. Talent, however, is not included.

2 Responses

  1. Meghan says:

    Very cool program.
    And… so tiny!

  2. Delle says:

    Will you let me know when they do produce one with the included talent? Because that sounds like something I could get some great use out of.

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