Dream Theatre 58

In this dream I was feeling anxious. You see, for some reason I and a fictional dream woman named Misty had agreed to marry each other even though we’d never met. We had lots of mutual friends in the music scene and she too was a singer and musician. Justifiably, I was now having extreme second thoughts about this. I’m not even sure why we had made this agreement and I’m not sure that dream me was clear on that either. It wasn’t an immigration thing, I know that much. I was trying to be optimistic and thought “Well some people go into ‘arranged marriages’ so maybe this will turn out okay.” I had seen pictures of her on Facebook and knew that I found her at least moderately attractive, and maybe we could play music and sing together or form a duo or something. Never the less, to quote many a Star Wars character, I had a bad feeling about this. Why had we agreed to this? It couldn’t possibly be a good idea to marry someone you had never met.

And that was it really. The dream had no resolution. Like a show canceled without a finale.

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