Dream Theatre 73

In this dream I was back on a cruise ship again but only for a couple of weeks. It was a sort of part-time work and part-time vacation situation. At one point there was a woman who wanted to speak to someone about some kind problem and I was asked to go deal with it as they thought I had a very diplomatic nature and was good with people and handling things like this. When I arrived there was a very long dinner table and a woman at the head of it with long black hair in a long black dress. She seemed pleasant enough but then at this point I think the dream morphed into something else (or else I don’t remember what else happened before the “morph”).

Now this woman was shorter with a very short blondish kind of pixie cut. She had made her interest in me very clear and we were holding hands and running around looking for some place private to make out. We found what was the equivalent of a kind of portable little booth about the size of one those photo booths. It was basically a rectangular portable frame (PVC pipe maybe) with a 2 person bench inside and a curtain you could draw closed. We dashed inside and drew the curtain, exchanging passionate, hungry words and kisses. Then a Maitre D type person arrived with someone who apparently reserved this booth for dinner. The lady and I excused ourselves and apologized as we pondered where to go. I think we both had other people sharing rooms with us so neither of our rooms was an option. I also wondered how the hell someone could have dinner in the tiny booth that was basically a bench with a curtain.

Then I woke up feeling high from all those chemicals you feel in a new romance. I daydreamed of my mystery shipboard lady for the rest of the day.

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