Dream Theatre 74

I feel like my brain uses my creativity against me when comes to bad dreams. They end up being artistic, nuanced, subtle dramas with an emotional gut punch.

I had at least a couple of dreams last night where an ex and I were together but everything felt weird and tense and there was a disconnect and I felt like they were not telling me things and maybe they were unhappy and had checked out and a breakup was coming. 

But it was the last dream of the night that really sucker punched me. I’ve forgotten most of the details now, but it was felt like some kind of sci-fi suspense film or something. All I can remember now is that me and another character suddenly found ourselves in what should have been my house (not a real place, just a fictional dream house), but we suddenly realized it was totally empty and that we must have both been brought to another timeline from each of our respective timelines or something. There was a feeling of panic and then the dream took on an inception-like layer in that I dreamed that I was dreaming that and probably moaning in distress in my dream-real-life like when you try to scream in a dream but can’t and in real life you’re making these muted sounds of actually trying to scream in your sleep. 

In my dream within a dream, I started to come to as I felt soft lips on my cheek trying to comfort me and gently wake me from the nightmare. It was a warm and sweet moment. But then I not only came out of my dream within a dream, but also woke up from that dream into the actual real world where it was all fiction and the loss of that sweet moment was devastating and brought real tears for a moment. It’s now night and I can still feel those lips on my cheek.

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