Google’s World Domination plan continues

So today I found Google’s new Google Calendar. So far, I’m impressed. As of yet, Google Groups has not been able to steal me from Yahoo groups, as Google doesn’t have nearly as many built in functions (though I’m sure it will only keep improving), but so far, the calendar has impressed me. It is one step closer to converting me form Yahoo.
You can have several different calendars in one such as personal, work related, etc. Then you can view all your entries at once or just view the ones you want. you can invite friends to events on your calendar, and share calendars with friends, co-workers or whoever. I’ve only just started playing with it, but thus far, I likey.

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  1. Delle says:

    I worry that Google world domination doesn’t bother me like Microsoft domination. Mybe because google offers these things to you instead of just putting them on your computer regardless? Mostly I find out about Google innovations here, so I guess they can’t be too in-my-face bout them. Still, it could all be a cunning and devious evil plot to subvert us all.
    I may have to check out that calendar, I could do with good one.

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