Hey! I like the Discovery Channel!

Today I saw a casting notice that piqued my interest:

The Discovery Channel is looking for talented hosts (Men, women, actors, hosts, comedians!) to star in its next, long running hit series.
We are searching for charismatic individuals à la Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” or the team from “Mythbusters.” We don’t, however, want CLONES of those hosts. The most important elements of our search are that:
1. The talent MUST feel authentic and relatable to middle America. They should be the type of fun and engaging host that you want to be your friend!
2. The talent MUST be able to host a show that is visceral, challenging and exciting. They have to be willing to try anything!

I’m sure it’s a big lottery but never the less I sent an email. I was just going to send some links to some of my stuff online but then I decided that wasn’t good enough so I edited together a demo of my best “hosting” moments from “Movie Musketeers” since that seemed relevant, as well as a link to my rough acting demo (damn, I need to update that) and a link to our whole youtube catalog just in case they want to browse or view some things in their entirety.
I’m sure the chances are slim to none, but it can’t hurt to try! That would just be too cool.

5 Responses

  1. Annika says:

    You’re perfect! The very sort of host I’d want to be my friend.

  2. Jess says:

    I dunno, though–can middle America handle you?

  3. Delle says:

    I’d watch you. mUrt loves the Discovery channel.

  4. gill says:

    Well you fit four of the five categories they’re looking for, and you couldn’t be expected to fit the other one too, so you should be in with more than a good chance!
    Keeping my hooves crossed for you 🙂

  5. ginger hunter says:

    Yeah, you are twice as cool as the Mythbusters and probably to willing to do things (think being chased by Lemurs or loving on Meerkats) they aren’t.

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