I’m taking up smoking…

…for one scene in the short film I’m filming tonight. I’d rather not but I think it was inevitable that at some point in my career I would have to smoke in a scene. I’m just hoping that I can make it look believable and no cough my guts out. They liked my current facial hair configuration (leftover from my Victorian shoot, sideburns and mustache but not chin hair, whatever that’s called)so I’m keeping it at least until Monday. I play a car thief mentoring a younger thief.

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  1. Jess says:

    I hope that everyone takes away an important lesson from this post: Older, wiser car thieves always have Victorian facial hair. And they smoke.

  2. Heath says:

    So my first smoking experience has just solidified my view and made me wonder more than ever why anyone would ever do that voluntarily. At first it wasn’t too bad, I thought. I was avoiding inhaling. I was just trapping the smoke in my mouth and trying my best acting chops to make it look like I was inhaling and then trying to make the exhaling smoke look as natural as possible. At one point when I accidentally inhaled just a touch though, the full effect of how bad it was hit me. The after taste was foul, the after smell was foul and though I washed my hands three times my right hand still smells of cigarette.
    Hopefully it will look good on screen though!

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