Immersed In The Beatles

The Beatles have always been my #1 band for as long as I can remember since childhood. They are in my DNA and my biggest influence. So it makes me silly excited and happy to be sitting in on keyboards with the legendary Austin Beatles tribute band, The EggMen at the end of February on 2 afternoon gigs where we will also be accompanied by 2 different orchestras.

I’ve been doing nothing but practicing and getting my sounds and other technical stuff sorted and it’s been bliss. In all my years of playing music I had never sat down and learned “The Long And Winding Road.” I love all the beautiful chord voicings Paul chose. I decided to notate them in case I needed to easily remind myself later, so if you want some very basis sheet music that basically goes through a verse and the bridge but covers all the chords you will encounter, then here you go! Enjoy and play it yourself! That’s actually been refined a little bit to be more accurate since I made this video of me practicing it.

I also was surprised that of all the songs I’ve been learning, “Piggies” has challenged me the most. It’s got some really intricate parts, played by producer, Chris Thomas. As challenging as it is, it’s also a lot of fun.

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