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I have always used Bloglines to keep track of all my friend’s blogs and other RSS feeds. However, being a fan of all things Google and only just really discovering Google Reader today, I think I’ve left Bloglines behind.
Don’t get me wrong, Bloglines is great and I can’t really say it lacks in any way but I just found Google Reader more appealing to me in some intangible way. It just “felt” better. Both services also have plugins for Firefox that can alert you when you have new unread posts (Bloglines Notifier and Google Reader Watcher). Now it should also be said that I only use these services in the most basic way. all I want is a central place to view all my RSS feeds and to be notified when one of them is updated so I can’t really say if they’re comparable when it comes to feature beyond the basics. For example I know Bloglines has all kinds of bells and whistles beyond these basic functions but I’ve never touched any of them nor can I say if Google Reader has comparable bells and whistles. Being that I already use many of Google’s other features (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc.), I also find it appealing to have everything I can consolidated under one umbrella (as the long as the services are also among the best options available also). Don’t foret to go into Firefox’s Tools>Options>RSS menu and set your default reader to make subscribing to web pages even easier.
All I can say is that in initially setting up my Google Reader account and checking out the basic needs I have from a reader, I think I have left the Bloglines ranks for the great land of Google.

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  1. Annika says:

    I just switched from Bloglines to Google Reader a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE IT. It seems much more intuitive, but I don’t know if I could possibly explain what I mean.

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