Musings from the moon and me

I took a long walk late tonight, as I do on many a night, pondering life’s little mysteries and journeys. It was beautiful night. A great temperature, if a little bit on the humid side. There was a big round moon lighting my way and keeping me company, surrounded by a slight caused by the light cloud cover. A cool breeze was blowing in that way that makes it feel just perfect across your face. I searched through myself looking to discover just what it was I wanted at that very moment. What was my core desire at this particular and unique point of existence in time?
And I discovered that one of the strongest desires that came to the surface was this: I wanted to know that everyone I cared about, everyone I knew really, hell everyone who deserves it (I’ll let you decide for yourself what criteria define that)…I wanted to know that everyone was happy and good. That throughout whatever else might be going on in your lives, I hope you are as happy, fulfilled, loved and lucky as I am.
As I crested the top of the hill in my neighborhood, I could see my city beyond the treetops. I love my city. I love the people in it. I love all of you. Tears came to my eyes and I smiled. I smiled knowing that this is my time. Something is in the air. I can’t explain it. I hope it’s your time too.


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