My Diva Demands. Divo? Divus?

Just sent out some info to the band, mostly for our new bass player. This was my final bullet point:

Do not trespass into my stage space, do not look me directly in the eye and don’t ever dare criticize me. I’m first in the dinner line and I never touch equipment to load. I exercise the ancient feudal right of “Primae Noctis.” According to the terms of this right, the lord of the manor had the right to the marriage bed on the first night of a serf or peasant’s marriage. I require a bowl of purple M&Ms, hand painted to perfectly match the color represented by the hexadecimal code #430077. The “m” on them must be 12 point Copperplate Gothic Bold Font.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Damn, and I thought I was pretentious. Good show at the lake on the 11th. I was going to offer my services as a full time bassman, as my credentials are similar to Brian’s. Wish y’all the best, keep on keeping on. Maybe another show will find us sharing the stage again. Be sure to add green Kool Aid to your rider in the future! With warmest regards, Edward Kellar, bassist and College Station music whore, ESQ

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