New video and pondering twit-face-space-tube-buzz

So first off I’ve posted a new video:
Performing “If I Fell” by The Beatles.

Secondly, I find myself in a dilemma that can only come about in this age of twit-face-space-tube-buzz. I have my website here, my twitter account (which syncs with google Buzz and my Facebook status), my personal Facebook page and my Facebook music page. Each of these 4 mediums has some crossover people from the others and some people who are only on one of them. So if I post something like this on all the various sources, some people get spammed but if I only post it in one place then some people may never see it. For example, I first posted this on my Facebook Musician page which means that everyone who is a “fan” will see it. Then I twittered it. Some of the same people would see it there while some would only see it on one of those two places. My Twitter automatically updates my Google Buzz and the status on my personal Facebook page, which has a lot of the same people from my Music page and/or Twitter. Then I posted it here. Now this not will automatically be imported by Facebook.

So conceivably, some people could see this video link up to 6 times if they follow me on Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook (where they will see my status and imported note), on my Facebook musician page and on my website (or newsfeed if that’s how you keep up with my website), while others may only see it once and would have missed it had I not posted it everywhere. Oy! At least I never bother with MySpace any more.

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  1. Jess says:

    Aww, you play very amusingly off yourself 🙂 Also, there are several times where both Eafs do the exact same headbob.

    As for your ponderings, I have been pondering what you’re pondering. I turned off Buzz because it was basically duplicating a lot of stuff I see elsewhere, and I don’t exactly use Twitter much for any content I don’t post on FB, just for following celebs and entities of various kinds. FB has become my main repository for sure.

    Speaking as one of the people who saw this posted in multiple venues, if someone likes you enough to follow you in all those places, they probably don’t mind the spam.

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