Off the wagon

Several years ago I started basically eating healthy (following the South Beach plan) and dropped about 60lbs. I changed my lifestyle and eating habits, got in decent shape and have stayed there ever since. I would usually allow myself a “free for all” Friday where I could eat whatever I wanted but tied to stay healthy the rest of the week. Occasionally I would slip and start eating a little more crap, especially when I’m working on a film. Eating healthy on set is rough because you get bored and there’s always snacks around and they’re usually junk food.
If I found myself straying a little too far I would usually go extra strict for a week or two to reset my scales. Lately with all the emotional turmoil and depression, I feel like a drug addict who has fallen off the wagon. I haven’t really gained much (if any) weight back but I know I have to reel it in. I’m surviving on frozen pizzas, ice cream, and eating out. I still try be more healthy when I can, (such as choosing Schlotzky’s or Zen when eating out) but I’ve been pretty off the deep end. It’s just hard to care about eating healthy when there are more more important things wrong with your life but somehow I have to find that willpower again before I really start doing some damage.

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  1. Annika says:

    I have a habit of eating worse when I feel worse, which of course makes me feel even crappier. I wish you lots of luck getting back on track! I find that good foods actually taste better to me, so hopefully for you it will just be a matter of finding the right good foods and you will be eating well in no time!
    Maybe try getting some slightly healthier frozen meals for starters, so you can have something as easy as pizza but less fattening – if you have Trader Joe’s, they have great frozen Mexican food, which is a little healthier but still really tasty and super easy. Also if you like sorbet you could buy some of that to keep around for whenever the ice cream craving hits. I also try to eat my vegetables first to fill up on vitamins. After I eat my veggies I can eat anything I want, if I still have room.
    I know you totally know HOW to eat, so if my suggestions just make you think, “Duh!” I apologize. It’s just kind of exciting for me because I am only just recently realizing how easy it is to improve my diet in baby steps.

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