And it is every bit as bad ass as the hype preceding it. We had planned on shutting it down at 10 p.m. so as not to disturb the lady below us (I hate living in a condo for that reason) but at 9:50 she came knocking to ask us to turn it down. I told her we had planned on quitting at 10 but she appeared pretty irritated (normally she’s quite polite when asking us to shut up, and yes it has, unfortunately, happened many times) and said that it had been going on 4 6 hours (which I think it had) and that we had no idea what those drums sounded like down in her condo.
I really hate disturbing her as I like to keep good relations with people in my community, but we’re certainly not going to quit playing games or listening to music. We already keep quiet after 10 (including no washing clothes because when it drains it sounds like a waterfall to her) and even when we are doing something we try to keep it to what seems like a reasonable volume.
Argh. What a pain. And now I’m always self-conscious when I see her around and I’m paranoid about the noise level all the time.
But anyway, Rock Band does indeed rock. So much so, I think I might just sell my PS2 and all my guitar hero games. No need for them any more. I have so many other games I want to play and Rock Band scratches the same itch and does it WAYYYY better. Better controllers, better graphics, better game play, better everything.

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  1. Min says:

    For some reason I’d thought your condo was townhouse style so you only had neighbors on either side, but not above or below. Apparently I was wrong!
    Neighbors complaining about noise is one of the reasons we moved out of our apartment and got a house. It was just so frustrating not being able to live. It made me agitated every time I wanted to listen to music at a volume loud enough to hear it and having to deal with the upstairs neighbor calling the management.
    Of course, living here hasn’t been problem-free either. We’ve had the cops called on us a few times on nights when Dwayne foolishly let his band rehearsals go past 9pm.
    I think we need to move somewhere in the middle of nowhere where the neighbors are far, far away.

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