Ruminations on my last day of bachelorhood

I highly recommend getting married. It’s a win/win situation. First of all you get to have a day that’s all about you and your loved one, where everyone gathers and celebrates your love. You get to tell the whole world how much you love each other and experience the happiness of knowing that you’re both entering into a new life together. Then on top of all your happiness and excitement, people give you stuff. Money, presents, congratulations, etc. I feel almost guilty. Almost.
This week has actually been very pleasant (albeit very busy). We’ve spent lots of time with the family, who have all been very pleasant, jovial, and pretty much conflict free as far as I’ve seen. We have been out to eat every night to different places, and just generally had a good time spending time all together. I got my thigh high leather renaissance boots in and they actually fit this time. My hair is bleached practically white, and although it seems on the brink of death it looks fabulous if I do say so myself. The new band we’ve formed with Craig Davis out of Austin (more on that at in a separate my next post) seems to have some good opportunities popping up for us, the most exciting prospect being possibly playing the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Chicago at the end of March.
But most importantly, Jess is as beautiful and wonderful as ever, and will be my wife tomorrow at 11:30 am. Everyday we grow closer and life gets better. We integrated our CD collections. That’s love.
Life is beautiful, and I love you all.

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