“She Thinks I Still Care”

I’ve never been a big country music person. I can appreciate it intellectually and musically, but it just doesn’t resonate with me and move me like a lot of other music. So I was quite surprised when I found that despite that, I was riveted by a podcast called “Cocaine and Rhinestones” about the history of modern country music. The most recent episode is about George Jones. Something about this song got inside me and made me feel the need to learn it and do a version that was my own. A version that resonated with my personal frequency. So I learned it at 2am last night and practiced it until about 4am so I could record this as soon as I got up today. Hopefully those who hold this song sacred don’t think this is some kind of abomination, but this is how that song came out when filtered through me.

Mixed and mastered audio now available on bandcamp and soon, all major streaming services.

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