The mysteries of “24”

While “24” is still a kick ass show, I’ve found several amusing anomalies lately. For one, they seem to have become very loose with their “real time” format. A few of the many transgressions this season:
Apparently every location in Los Angeles is only a few miles from CTU as it never takes them long to get to or from any particular location.
Just last night they managed to call a cab company to inquire about their logs from the week before, get in touch with the particular driver they needed to speak to and get all the information they needed from him in one single commercial break.
A roomful of politicians who were rousted at 5 a.m. for an emergency meeting were all at the capital and dressed in full suits and ties in less than 15 minutes!
My most amusing moment is not time related: Jack, riding in a helicopter having a tender heart to heart cell phone conversation with Audrey, hangs up the cell phone and puts on one of the helicopter headsets (which are necessary when riding in helicopters due to the noise) to hear and speak to the agent sitting right next to him. Damn, he must have a kick ass cell phone.


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