A collection of links (mostly cool Beatles stuff, with one random interloper)

Between Twitter and Facebook it seems my poor old webpage here is growing cobwebs from neglect.
So in lieu of any real kind of entry I present a collection of cool links:
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band broken down into the 4 isolated master tracks
In a similar vein, a BBC special all about “The 5th Beatle”, Sir George Martin wherein they analyze several Beatles master tapes. Haven’t listened to it yet, but am looking forward to doing so with great anticipation! This is a link to a BitTorrent file so you’ll need a program such as uTorrent to download it.
An expensive but AWESOME book I just ordered all about recording the Beatles in great detail.
And in non-Beatles related news: gloves that keep your hands warm AND let you still use your iPhone or iPod touch!


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