Separated at Birth? I wish!

I have been going through a period lately where I have been highly obsessed with the band “Muse”. They are definitely among my favorite all time bands now. Their sound is unique and instantly recognizable. Their style, textured, layered, huge and theatrical (mostly, but with some variety too). The songwriting and musicianship, amazing.
So imagine my surprise and joy when my friend Karla told me that her son Coleman had said that I reminded him of Matt Bellamy (lead singer, guitarist and songwriter). Coleman has actually seen me play with my band so he has something there to go on. Now, while I don’t think we’re twins or anything, this is one comparison that I could actually see having at least some merit (there are several I’ve had throughout my life that I just can’t really understand or see myself). I could see some similarities. Further discussions with various folk and thinking about this myself drew comparisons between our foreheads, and in my opinion certain aspects of our profile. Our stage presence could also be compared, I think. So I decided to throw together a quick comparison pic. It is by no means perfect or conclusive, but being that I threw it together in a couple of minutes with little effort and the few pictures at hand and off the net, I think it lends some credence to this theory.


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