Dream Theatre 59

In this dream I had secured a dream of a gig for me (no pun intended). I was going to play guitar for Butch Walker, one of my biggest musical influences and inspirations, for a gig. We had convened for a couple of rehearsals at his rehearsal space, and on the second (and last) day of rehearsals, I thought a couple of my guitars might be missing. In this dream logic, I couldn’t quite be sure because there were so many guitars hanging from racks, that going through them was like going through lots of tightly packed shirts in a closet, so I wasn’t positive that my guitars were missing, but I was pretty sure.

A couple of crew guys (I think…they might have been pawn shop owners or something, it’s fuzzy) had said that they had recovered a couple of stolen guitars, so we checked them out and unfortunately they weren’t the ones of mine that were missing.

We proceeded to gig which was an outdoor venue some place. As the crew was setting up, I heard one guy explaining to another guy why wireless guitar systems were bad and demonstrating by isolating specific frequency bands that were altered by the wireless system. I personally use wireless systems and though this guy was just one of those gear snob types. There was still no word on whether my guitars had been located. After the gig (time just kind of skipped over the actual gig in the dream), as the crew were packing up, they said they’d check all the equipment when they got the trucks home and see if my guitars were in there.

I walked around the neighborhood where there was a general street festival kind of air happening. Then there was this young little psychotic girl. I’m not sure how I knew that, I just kind of knew she was a “villain” in this scene. She wore a frilly dress with her hair pinned back on the sides, freckles and sort of large front teeth, though not abnormally so. In fact, it just dawned on me that she looked a little like the girl on the front of the Sugarbomb album, Bully.

This is an amazing album.

She grabbed a water gun rifle to kill some people and much to everyone’s surprise (including her) the water rifle unleashed water with such incredible force that she did indeed kill a few people. As mayhem began to erupt, there were suddenly huge explosions in the distance. Many all along the horizon. Fiery mushroom clouds. We all stared in shock. Was this the end of the world? More explosions came even closer. And closer. I stood there wondering what, if anything, I should do or if it was all pointless and I should just make my peace and wait for the explosion that would hopefully vaporize me painlessly and not in some agonizing fiery death.

Then they stopped. We were safe for the moment. I ran, looking for cover of some kind and found something I can’t quite remember. A locker maybe? A closet of some kind? Something that I thought for some reason would protect me. As I climbed in, so did the psycho girl. Great. I’m stuck in a locker with a psycho girl in the apocalypse.

And then I woke up. All my guitars are accounted for.

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