Dream Theatre 68

I was talking to this girl I was in love with. In the dream I don’t think she was actually anyone from real life, but at the same time my subconscious knew she represented a person or maybe two people from my past. We were school mates, I’m not sure what grade, but either High School or college.

She was informing me that she was going away. Moving or something maybe. I realized that she meant immediately and wouldn’t even finish out the school year. In fact, I realized this conversation was the last we would ever have. Goodbye forever. Somehow I knew I would never see her again. I don’t remember if we were dating or if I was just in love with her but I know it was a warm and friendly conversation though I was dying inside. After she was gone, I was empty and I drove around in a van crying my eyes out, listening to music, and knowing that I had just seen and spoken to her for the last time.

Then I woke up and tried to shake that heaviness off.

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