Dream Theatre 69

In the first part of this dream, I dreamt I was going to visit my ex-girlfriend (from like 25 years ago), Raegan. I parked in the parking garage and entered her building which for some reason I felt like was a dorm, even though I don’t think she was in school and it was also like a big hotel/apartment building/event center/mall. Something was going on there because there was a lot of people and activity which slowed my arrival significantly to the point where I noticed I was 30 minutes late, and felt really bad about it so I called her to let know what was going on and that I wasn’t just some kind of jerk who didn’t care about being and that I valued her time and was really excited to see her. I think there was definitely a feeling of possible rekindled romance on the horizon.

I got up to the main desk area, just past which were the elevators. I was pushing along a container about 6-8″ wide by about 2′ deep and 3′ long with a molded handle a little wider than my hand at the top corner closest to me. It was floating 2-3′ above the ground on some kind of anti-gravity field as I pushed it. I passed the desk and a little admittance window on my way to the elevators and a lady kind of snapped at me to stop. I apologized and said I thought I could just go on past since I knew where I was going and who I was going to see, but she said she had to call up and get approval from the tenant.

At this point the dream cut forward into the future. I was on the rooftop of a high-rise building in a place that felt very much like New York having a band meeting for my Yacht Rock band, Yacht Z. This part had nothing to do with Raegan directly but seemed to be in the same universe as the last part because I remember having this feeling that I was going to go see her as soon as the meeting was over. In the dream none of the actual real life band members were in the band, but instead a bunch of totally fictional people and John Mayer. John was saying that he thought we should change some of the lyrics to the covers we were doing because they were stupid and didn’t make sense. I was trying to be diplomatic and said that while I appreciated everyone’s input and tried to run the band mostly as a democracy, that I disagreed with this and thought we should do the covers as they were recorded and as everyone knew them. He was generally kind of being a jerk and just seemed not happy about it all, so I told him politely that if he didn’t want to be in the band any more, that was totally cool and no one would hold it against him. He said “Well, I quit” still in a huff and kind of stormed off. The other members and I started to discuss how to proceed and then I woke up.

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