So I think the iPhone is very pretty and has some pretty cool “wow” factors. It’s way too expensive though and I read a pretty thorough review that highlighted a lot of the shortcomings too. I really love my phone but lately I’ve really been wanting something that I could use to check my Google calendar too so that when I’m at an audition or something and ask “are you available on these dates?” I don’t have to say “I’ll tell you when I get home and check my calendar.”
A guy on the film shoot today had one. They are very sleek but I really don’t think I would like it anywhere near enough to justify that kind of price tag.

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  1. Delle says:

    mUrt bought one yesterday. I wouldn’t want one myself, but I can see why he likes it.

  2. Eileen says:

    I like iPhones, but I think the memory on them is rubbish. I won’t consider getting one until they bump the memory up so that it’s more comparable with a standard iPod. I couldn’t even fit half my music on an iPhone.

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